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    Best high end closed set

    Also should have added that none of those choices are low profile. In a working environment I try to wear low profile headphones to still look professional.
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    Best high end closed set

    I personally would look for something on the lighter side. All of your choices are pretty heavy and bulky.
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    New IEMs that I should be looking into

    Hello everyone, I've been kind of out of the headphone scene for awhile and need to pick up a new pair of iems. I just wanted some quick recommendations. My price range is somewhere around 300, I'm just going to be running it mostly from my phone (pixel 3), and I listen to indie rock and...
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    Best alternative headphones to HD600?

    What you need is a different style of headphones. Something like the audio technica ad700 (but not specifically these). I had to look around a bit for something that was actually comfy and sounded good myself but having those extra pad below the headband helps a lot. Personally the most...
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    I have a good condition pair of ultrasone signature pros for sale. They sound good and come with the case and two cables. If you have any questions please send me a PM. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees within the US.
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    Looking for Ultrasone edition 8 Julia

    I'm honestly not sure what to offer for this edition, but I am very interested in either purchasing or trading for this version. I have a recabled edition 8 ruthenium version and then I have a set of signature pro's for trade. I'm not supper picky on if it comes with everything and if its in the...
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    Sony v55 or Pioneer HDJ-500

    I'm actually a big fan of the HDJ-500. They are relatively easy to carry when traveling, look pretty good, and are very durable. I tried the sony's and was not a fan. I thought they weren't as comfortable, and didn't sound as good as the pioneers. 
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    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Limited Edition for FPS gaming

    If you are going to mainly use it for gaming I would probably go for the game one for the convenience of the mic. Also the game one's will be easier to drive from your computer than the DT990's. 
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    Another Suggestion Thread: Ideal Closed-back cans under 500$?

    I would recommend looking on the BST for some good closed cans for cheap. I've seen some modded lawton d5000's and normal denon d7000's for $500. You can pick up some nice ultrasone edition 8's for that price. I believe I saw some alpha dogs on their for $350 a little while ago.    Just from...
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    Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Good Comfort and Isolation

    I would probably recommend going down to your local best buy and you can try out the sony 1000x and the Bose to see which you like better. 
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    Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Good Comfort and Isolation

    Sony 1000x pretty pricey but awesome headphones. Wireless noise canceling that is actually really good. 
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    JVC FX 1100 Iems

    Hello everyone I am looking to sell my JVC FX1100 iem's. They are in great condition, and I have spare ear tips, and all of the accessories for them. Price includes shipping, and paypal expenses for the US.   If you need anymore info let me know.  I am open to trades as well.  
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    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    Can't really say that I regretted buying anything. All of the headphones I have purchased helped me figure out what sound signature I like. 
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    WTB or WTTF: ALO modded Ultrasone 780

    Not sure what these are selling for so I left the price blank. I just want a pair of ALO modded ultrasone 780's. I don't really care that much about the condition as long as they sound good.    As far as trades go the only thing I really have to offer is a pair of JVC 1100 iems. They look...
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    The Next Step After VModa M-100

    I thought the VModas where pretty good so my recommendation would be to get new pads, or a cable for them . Other than that I would probably recommend getting some Ultrasones off the BST.    Out of your choices I would go with the THx00, but its still kind of heavy to carry around, and just...
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    Whats is my next higher end choice

    Its been a long time since I owned them, but I remember them being fun cans. Not really sure that explains much
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    Whats is my next higher end choice

    I'm not currently looking for anything specifically right now just wondering what would be the next step in my headphones should be. I'll list what headphone I liked and didn't like a much.    The headphones I've really enjoyed: Ultrasone Edition 8 (favorite headphone I've ever tried and...
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    ZMF Vibro

    Hello everyone I have a great pair of ZMF vibro headphones for sale. They are in fantastic condition, and sound fantastic as well. I have the leather carrying case for it, and the bass port plugs. Not much more to say, but if you're interested let me know. One last thing I would prefer to stay...
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    Audio Technica A900x

    Sorry about anyone that PM'ed me in the last two weeks I haven't had time for headfi until now. 
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    Audio Technica A900x

    I have a great pair of audio technical A900x's for sale. They are in great condition and have been fully broken in so they sound fantastic. I only have the adapter for them and no longer have their original box. They have been well taken care of in smoke, and pet free house. The price is...