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  1. der luda

    Fiio FD5

    Sell the new Fiio FD5 The FD5 is 4 days young, is unused in the original packaging, cables and accessories. 289.- Headphones were bought via HifiGo and the taxes were also paid correctly on import, receipt included. Sale as a private person, PayPal possible.
  2. der luda

    SOLD Sony XBA N3

    I want to sell my Sony XBA N3, they are too bad to be in stock. I bought it NEW about 6 months ago and didn't listen to it for 1 hour. The XBA N3 are in the same condition as NEW, as are cables and earplugs. Headphones and accessories are all original. The packaging has slight signs of use, a...
  3. der luda

    Wanted/Dan Clark Ether 2

    Hi there, I'm looking for an ether 2. Condition should be very good, original cables and pads. Packaging and if possible with an invoice. Shipping to Vienna, Austria. PP
  4. der luda

    Music player under Win10, for users

    Ask for your tip and opinions .. I will now also use my Notebook (Win10 x64) as a Source, FLAC and Tidal, Qobuz.... Via USB to the AMP / DAC, I want to play the Music, stream it ... in the best Quality. EQ is not important, simple beautiful interface and library control, streaming. Doesn't...
  5. der luda

    What kind of data transfer digital

    I would be interested in your opinion and the reasons for it Source DAP or PC, destination Amp / DAC Transfer by means of, - USB cable - Coaxial cable - Fiber optic cable Are there tonal differences, always correspondingly equivalent cables. Or is that imagination, or are there technical...
  6. der luda

    penon audio experiences

    I would be interested to know what experience you have had with Penon audio recently. For me it was 2020 3 orders, 2 x jack adapter wrong size and sent 1 Ibasso amp8 with clear scratches on the case as if it had already been opened. You always answer quickly and kindly to my inquiries, but...
  7. der luda

    sold...Ibasso DX220, new

    Ibasso DX220 I am selling a brand new Ibasso DX220 - New in original packaging, invoice - European device The Ibasso has no playing time, I switched it on, looked at it and repacked it. 669.- WA or SMS +436607310521 Private sale, no guarantee / warranty or return from me