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  1. Ploop

    FS: iAudio X5 20GB

  2. Ploop

    After Market Headphone Cables...what do they do?

    Sorry, i know this is probably a noob question to all of you head-fi experts but what does recabling do? Does it change the sound? Eliminate static.... also, i have E4's. Would recabling them make them better in some way???
  3. Ploop

    Zen Vision (NOT M) audio questions

    Hey i have a couple questions to ask about the normal zen vision (not M). 1) How is the audio quality? I've heard it's pretty good. I currently have an iAudio X5, how do these compare (if anyone has ever tried both). Hows the EQ? Is the bass response good? (i don't want the pop pop sound, i...
  4. Ploop


    I am looking for a full size headphone (like Senn, AKG, Grado size) for home use. I like dark sounding (bass-head) but i don't want it to degrade quality. about 150 bucks tops (but it is adjustable, i'd be willing to go a LITTLE* over) (source iaudio X5) *10 bucks or so.
  5. Ploop

    i love the E4's

    Well. I bought them. Yes. from me to me type of thing. Well. I must say. I have to stop using periods. Really bad. The clarity is awesome! on my x5, they sound great, bass is accurate and powerful. As a basshead, i am impressed. THREE THUMBS UP!
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    E3's or E4's

    Well, its finally come down to this. I am leaning towards the E4's, but i can get them at the following prices: E4's: 170 Shipped E3's: 110 Shipped from what i've heard, the E4 has better everything, but the treble is somewhat dull. I am going to run it unamped through an Iaudio X5...
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    Grado Street Style

    what class of headphone are they going to be in? I'm thinking about buying E4's but want to wait to see what happens with Grado. (no i don't want both!) But anyway, are they going to be like baseline model or are they going to be very good just styled portable like. thanks.
  8. Ploop

    Place to test E4's (or other shure's)

    What store (not online, like actual store, with space and people and rooms) Sells and lets you try E4's? I thought i heard that the apple store does...anywhere else? ( live in the US of A)
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    E*G series (Shure)

    Are they just the normal E2/3/4C painted black? Or is their something else?