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  1. mjg

    F/S Etymotic ER4p

    withdrawn for now
  2. mjg

    F/S tubes, cables, tube adapter

    I have a bunch of great stuff for sale. A new matched pair of bendix 6080's Used these less then an hour to verify they worked properly, these came directly for mikhail and are as new. 2C51 Adapter and tung sol 2c51 tube. ps audio p300 power plant many signal cable magic power ac, I...
  3. mjg

    I/C original headphile ebony hhf1

    I've had these forever, original hf1 owner. Larry had stopped making regular order ebony woodies at that time, but I convinced him to bring them back, and now they are a regular option . These headphones have been cared for and are as nice as when he original did them. The headband has been...
  4. mjg

    f/s headamp pico w/ dac black

    In perfect condition, not used much. shipped in US only. Paypal sale onle. Sorry no pics. Feel free to check all my feedback.
  5. mjg

    RS1 with Silver Dragon

  6. mjg

    F/S NorthStar m192 dac

    This dac is in excellent shape and sounds great. I purchased it over the summer and put only enough hours on the unit to break it in. This is the silver finish model. I also have signal cable interconnects to use with the dac, a digital power cable, and spdif cable. Please email me any...
  7. mjg

    Custom 1 Meter RCA XLR IC

    GrandEnigma made me these for use with my apogee minidac about a year ago. They are in excellent condition. Mixture of Silver and Copper that sounds great. Very detailed, yet smooth and dynamic. Cable is all black including connectors. Has black eichman metal bullets on one side, and black...
  8. mjg


    Joel purchased my ppx3. He was a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended. Paid promptly, and was responsive during the transaction. Thanks, and enjoy the amp!
  9. mjg

    I/C PPx3 6sn7 (w/ adapters and plenty of tubes)

    I'm thinking over switching to a different amp. The ppx3 is in excellent shape. I'm the second owner, the first owner was another well known member here. Here is the details: PPX3 6SN7 with point to point wiring 5687 adapters (x2) 7N7 Adapter (x1) Tubes: 5687: Slyvania (x2) 6Sn7...
  10. mjg

    F/S nintendo DS games

  11. mjg

    IC Grado RS-1

    I'm looking to get some extra cash together so I can purchase my dream headphone the Grado PS-1. This means I want to sell my recently acquired Grado RS-1. Hazard of the hobby I suppose. This set of headphones is the oldstyle Grado with the Darker mahogany. They were actually still...
  12. mjg

    Shure E4C

  13. mjg

    f/S Shure e4 (white version)

    hey, I decided I kinda like them out of my nano. I'm going to keep them for now.. thanks for the interest people.
  14. mjg

    F/S Hornet + extras

  15. mjg

    WTB PS1's

    hey, I'm wanting to try a pair of these... I may possible consider trading my evil hf1's (ebony modifed from headphile) for a pair, or deal in cash. Please PM me if your intersted. edit: cash only... no one gets my ebony hf1's sorry ; )
  16. mjg

    I/C Alessandro MS2i w/ headphile recable

    Hey, Alessandro MS2i, with a 2m run of black silver cable, terminated with a neutrick connector. They have had a year of good use are in overall 8/10 condition. I keep excellent care of these cans. Recently sent to Larry, had a slight repair to the cable (disconnected from driver...
  17. mjg

    Head-fi Car Pool!

    If you can form a head-fi Car pool... Who would be in yours? This member can be the one you've cherished the most special head-fi momments with. They can be someone you like because they are so super cool, they wrote the best reviews, or someone you envy and would like to attempt to "borrow"...
  18. mjg

    F/S Hornet w/ 2 Accuphase Batteries

    Hey, I am selling my Hornet (serial #23) w/ 2 Accupower(typo b4 sorry) Batteries. Only one battery has been used. The amp is in perfect condition cosmetically and functionally. I've used it only at my desk in my place, the amp hasn't been exposed outside or used portably. The price is $330...
  19. mjg

    the most evil hf1's

    These HF1's have been to the end of the universe, only to return totally evil... No one dares to cross the evil HF1's... larry is seriously amazing at what he does, i haven't recieved yet but i felt like showing these off.... What sux though is that I won't be seeing...
  20. mjg

    Strange ringing in my ear

    Lately I think i've been getting tinitus like once or twice a day.. I'd get a sudden pang in my ear then it goes away shortly... my hearing isn't reduced or anything, but I've just noticed this more frequently lately... any thoughts?
  21. mjg

    Tastiest Drinks!! (mmmm tasty!)

    Here is a tasty drink poll! Is it liquid? Is it not liquid? If it's a drink and you find it tasty, chose the tastiest choice! (i'm going to go make a poll now)
  22. mjg

    Input Device Thread (post yours)

    Hey guys.. Just picked up the new logitech G5 laser mouse and this new interesting keyboard to try something new... Looks kinda cool (and ergonomic). Let me know your opinions and please post whatever stuff you use too : ]. It's called a The Comfort Ergoflex Keyboard... Would be...
  23. mjg

    Silver dragon mini to mini

    Hi, I have a 1 month old silver dragon mini ot mini cable, also a pocket dock (usb). Would gladly sell these together. PM me an offer.
  24. mjg

    Britney Spears vs Kenny G (ultimate battle!!!)

    Who is better???? YOU DECIDE!!! ROCK ON HOMIES!!
  25. mjg

    Head-Fi really is a big family afterall

    This topic might seem strange, but let me explain... I recieved a singlepower ppx3 amp a few weeks ago from a fellow headfi'er. After speaking with various members here (SACD Lover, Grand Enigma1, Mikhail, a few others as well) i found a setup for me. Everything from tubes to cabling...