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  1. jibra

    SONY D-25, META 42 headamp and custom cable: SOLD

    SONY D-25 portable CDP + META 42 + 1/8" cable $165 shipped to US 48 states. Paypal fee included. D-25, very good condition portable CDP. Amazing built quality from early 90's. I bought it from ebay store and it has been stored without much usage. I do not have a battery or any other...
  2. jibra

    FS: Sennheiser HD 600 with upgraded cable. SOLD

    SOLD... 1. Sennheiser HD 600 with upgraded cable, $225 shipped in US, paypal fee included. I would like to avoid international sale just because I do not know much about all the customs and shipping options. More than a couple of years old. I bought this pair directly from Germany. The...
  3. jibra

    Stax SR-202 with SRM-212

    I would like to sell a combination of Stax SR-202 with SRM-212. It was my introduction to the electrostatic sound and I ended up going all the way to HE60. They are in a good shape - 7 or 8 out of 10, based on the audiogon scale. The power supply comes with a transformer. I am asking $275...
  4. jibra

    FS: HE60 (Baby Orpheus) and HEV70

    I would like to sell a combination of HE60 with HEV70. I have another HE60 and HEV70 combo and would like to build up the fund for adequate amplification. They are in a very good shape - 8 or 9 out of 10 based on the audiogon scale. No modification was made on the set. The headphone has an...
  5. jibra

    Affordable source with balanced output?

    Dear all I need an affordable source with balanced output. I am a NVH engineer working on the sound quality. At work, I have Sennheiser Eletrostatic headphones with appropriate amp. I am hoping to get a source to play some of my CD's. The problem is the amp only has balanced input. I don't...
  6. jibra

    Interest Check: 2 headphones and 2 amps

    Dear all I need to reduce the number of my toys. I want to sell one pair of headphones and one amp and keep the rest. Sale items Grado RS-2 ($260) [small cosmetic defect. I can send you the pictures by e-mail.] Sennheiser HD-600 with Clou Red ($250) [perfect condition] Headroom...
  7. jibra

    WTB or WTT: Sharp MD MDLP recorder; Vairous items available

    I need a sharp MD recorder for copying audio cassettes. I have SONY N-505 but it can't sync with the analogue input. I believe all sharp recorders got the sync function working with analogue signal. I want MDLP to squeeze 2 cassette on one MD. I am not particular with the size or the remote. So...
  8. jibra

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT-770

    I just want to check if there is any interest in old (600 Ohm) Beyerdynamic DT-770. They were returned from Beyerdanamic today with new cable and transducer under the warranty repair (I can supply the paper work). PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Jibra
  9. jibra

    EarMax and EarMax Pro

    Did anyone make a direct comparison between EarMax and EarMax Pro with Sennheiser HD-600? I picked up the used EarMax and am waiting for the amp to arrive. There are many postings about EarMax Pro with HD-600 but not many for regular version of EarMax. I am curious about the difference between...
  10. jibra

    KSC-35 for a trade

    I want to contribute stopping the craziness of buying these things over $50 or $60 on e-bay lately. It sounds better than SONY, Sennheiser earbuds but I find them a bit uncomfortable. If someone wants mine, let me know what you got. I don't have much interest in selling them. I am open to...
  11. jibra

    WTT: KSC-35's for Portapro

    I want to trade my KSC-35's for PortaPro. Let me know if you have PortaPro and want to try KSC-35's. I believe KSC-35 has been discontinued so it won't easy to find them around. LMK. Sam
  12. jibra

    Pioneer DVD DV-05

    Jsut in case someone at the forum is shopping for an interlaced DVD player. The retail was $999 and THX certified. It really made a difference when I upgraded from DV-414 to this unit. I need a headphone jack for late night movie watching and got a Toshiba 9000. Though picture is better on...
  13. jibra

    Sold : Grado HP-2s!!!

    You can become a owner of legendary Grado HP-2s. Headphones are mint with original flat bowl pad. I also have new pads I bought from headroom. It will also come with Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. Both of new pads and adapter are less than a week old. I also have original box and all papers. I...
  14. jibra

    Grado HP-2 arrived...

    Grado HP-2 arrived. As KR advised, the writings on the ear pieces are "HP-1000". Small sticker on the box says that these are HP-2. I love solid feel all around. These are heavy. But wears more comfortable than modern Grados at least for me. Unfortunately, the cable is not newer ones. It came...
  15. jibra

    New Grado 325 for sale

    I have decided to sell my Grado 325. I bought them in last November and I didn't open them. So they are brand new!!! I am asking $225. Cashier's check or money order will be fine. No paypal, please. I will pay the shipping as long as you are in lower 48. Thanks, Jibra
  16. jibra

    Interest check on new Grado 325

    Dear all, I need to decide whether I should open the box of Grado 325 and listen to them or not. I already have Senn 600, AKG 501 and going to receive legendary grado HP-2 pretty soon. I am so tempted to open the box of Grado 325 and do some AB with HP-2. But I know that I should lower the...
  17. jibra

    Questions about HP-1, 2 and 1000

    Hi everyone I read many nice things about HP-1, HP-2. Fortunately I came upon one pair of HP-2 on audiogon. I decided to give it a shot. I should receiver them pretty soon. :-) When I looked at the KR's nice Headphone Lust page, the caption for some pictures is HP-2 when the lettering on...
  18. jibra

    MG Head 4 sale

    Dear all members I have MG head DT for sale. I have been pretty happy with this small but heavy amplifier at my office with Arcam 7 CD and Senn 600. Things have changed (I have to share the room with others...) and I have to use (should be read as "unhappy" at least compared to Senn 600)...
  19. jibra

    MG head + HD 600 = unengaging sound for rock?

    Dear members I have Senn HD 600 with MG head with Arcam 7 CDP. I am currently using stock tube for MG head before I start tube rolling. I listen to classical music about 80 percent but I also put some rock, jazz and other stuffs into my CDP according to my mood. The problem is when I play...