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  1. braddelava

    In-car options   Check this out - Apogee ONE is a great DAC that connects directly to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and sounds amazing in the car.  I know you mentioned you're a HTC user, but you could always get...
  2. braddelava

    DT880 Pro and Apogee One.   Looks like the premium ones have a choice of different impedances.  
  3. braddelava

    DT880 Pro and Apogee One.

    The ONE will be able to power these headphones, no problem.  Plenty of output gain!     What school are you going to?  
  4. braddelava

    Best DAC for $350? Apogee ONE?

    ONE is definitely the way to go, especially if you're going to be recording too.  Though I'm a bit biased working for the company, I don't know of a better DAC for the money.  Plus it connects directly to iPad/iPhone as well as Mac, so that's a big win for functionality.  I take mine with me...
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