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  1. AitchKay

    Meridian Explorer 2 with Audioquest Cinnamon cable (800mm)

    Hi, For sale my Meridian Explorer2 with an Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable (800mm).   The Dac has been firmware upgraded to the latest spec (MQA) and comes complete with all of its original packaging.   Its a sort off - buy a great DAC and get a £60 cable free !!   Any Q's - send me a PM...
  2. AitchKay

    Hi ( and a little help needed )

    Hi All,   A long time analogue junkie I'm just dipping my toes into the ( portable ) digital domain - and I'm completely lost haha.   All of my digital music is .flac and I use a Meridian Explorer2 DAC with both my (windoze) laptop and my HTC ONE M8 phone ( with USB Audio Player Pro )...