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  1. fewtch

    FS: Nice Pimeta

    Bump -- will let the amp, cables and chips go for $120, OBO... please PM or Email if interested.  Thanks!
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    Pimeta - Open
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    Pimeta - front
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    Pimeta - top
  6. fewtch

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Sandisk Sansa E250 from rockboxed it, added an 8GB SDHC card and am very happy . 'Cept for the screen size maybe... if it were bigger I'd watch videos on it more often. Also planning on upgrading to a 16 or 32GB card when they drop in price & come up in speed class.
  7. fewtch

    Philips SHE9500 review

    Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe I have these and they compared favorably to the V-Moda Bass Freq's that I sold. But IMO for $30 new you are much better off getting a PK3 for $40, as the PK3 is in a different league. I don't hang around Head-Fi much these days... where is...
  8. fewtch

    Philips SHE9500 review

    I like the laid-back quality myself... I can listen louder/longer,without ringing ears. But i'm not a metalhead or anything, & fans of more aggressive music might want to think about it. I dunno. Non EQ-snobs can always boost the treble a bit :-p.
  9. fewtch

    Philips SHE9500 review

    I think they're very decent earbuds for the price... at least as good as something like a Koss Portapro, and actually much better balanced, more neutral sounding. I also use the larger tips, and find them very comfortable indeed for a cheap earbud. As you mentioned, they seal perfectly, and...
  10. fewtch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    ATM, Amr Diab (just general faves I've put together).
  11. fewtch

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2008!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance hate to be a killjoy, but am i the only one that thinks new years is an overrated hyped up waste of time? i mean money is wasted on fireworks, people just get drunk. for me the only good thing is its a public holiday, which means i get extra...
  12. fewtch

    Looking for a few alpha testers...

    Hi all, long time no see! I'm looking for a few (<7 or 8) testers for a very, very simple Visual Basic program that does nothing useful ATM, but I need to determine a few things about MSIE 7. Requirements: MSIE 7 installed, on any version of Windows. Program: All it does (or SHOULD do)...
  13. fewtch

    FS: Headsave Go-Vibe V2

    *Bump* - going up on eBay soon. Someone take a chance on the v2, it's a terrific sounding portable amp with AD8620 opamp installed. Unfortunately I don't listen portably/amped anymore.
  14. fewtch

    oh my god whats wrong with me?!

    Why not get a mini to RCA and use a 1/4" plug adapter? Should have about zero effect on the sound.
  15. fewtch

    Cool looking HK CD Changer... the Aftermath

    Quote: Originally Posted by ilovesocks All in all, not a bad deal! Unfortunately, I won't be taking this player with me to college when I leave in a few days due to its massive (IMO) footprint and the inability to put anything on top of it due to the top-loading door. But it'll be...
  16. fewtch

    Gilmore Lite (v1) First Impressions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Solude Now imagine you had a v2 Has anyone ever done a direct comparison, and posted the results? Aside from upgraded caps and full ground plane, it looks to me like resistor quality may have taken a step down in the v2 (was Vishay Dales, don't know...
  17. fewtch

    Just bought this JMT-built sweetie...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer Great amp! Should get you about 90% up the way of diminishing returns. I don't think you'll be needin' to worry about amps much at all anymore. Well Iron_Dreamer, IMO I just jumped quite a ways further up the curve with the Gilmore Lite v1...
  18. fewtch

    Gilmore Lite (v1) First Impressions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Glad to see you are so satisfied with the Gilmore V1. The products from HeadAmp are built like tanks, the AE-1 I had felt as one also. Let's just say that my first impressions are overwhelmingly positive (remember where I'm coming from guys...
  19. fewtch

    FS: Headsave Go-Vibe V2 + Cardas Mini-Mini

    Change of plans again; the amp is now up on eBay. I will hang on to the Cardas mini-mini for the time being, but will let it go soon in a separate thread.
  20. fewtch

    What Do You Spend Your Hard-Earned Money On

    Damn, I keep missing the joke about coke & thinking Saturnine was talking about the actual drug (it does exist, for better or worse). Oh well, previous post deleted. Probably inappropriate for head-fi anyway.
  21. fewtch

    Go-Vibe 5: What!Mate?!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sbulack Hey There, Fewtch, In my post AFTER the one you quoted from, I list some of the factors and tradeoffs which can sway the decision between batteries and Elpac in either direction, with an example from my own rigs where I've gone each way - based on the...
  22. fewtch

    Well, I think it is safe to say that none of our head-fi equipment will fly anymore

    Quote: Originally Posted by mckickflip Fly Alaska Airlines No, seriously, you should. My ol' man is a captain of a 737-800. Alaska has had some serious, NASTY problems lately with their aircraft or luggage handling... or so I seem to remember.
  23. fewtch

    Some thoughts/questions about ultra high-end headphones and value...

    Quote: Originally Posted by bifcake To most people, the improvements of these headphones vs the $5 ipod headphones aren't worth the price increase. To most people, the point of diminishing returns is at the $10 price range. I disagree... to most people, it's a diminishing return...