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  1. ooheadsoo

    Pitbulls invade old woman's home, chew her face off

    Pitbulls are bred to fight other dogs, not humans. Aphex nailed it on the head, afaik. Pitbulls that show inclination to attack humans are put down by serious breeders.
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    Looks like I am picking up a Harbeth after all

    Advice - use them as surrounds and get the 40s.
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    If you already understand all about psycho-acoustics and blumlein recording techniques, my hat's off to you. But weren't you the one trying to say to me that EQ can work for a large area? The best it can do is make the best of a bad situation.
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    Yes, you're right, the video isn't bad, per se, it's just a conference. Still, that would be GREAT for compression, with 70% of the frame being static, and the remaining 30% still not being all that dynamic. It's a shame about the audio. Anyway, thanks again for the vid. It's great for those of...
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    The streaming version is very good for people with just a passing interest, but I still think there is room for an "inbetween" option. There is some room between the streaming quality and the dvd version - but torrenting the dvd is a little ridiculous given the quality of the video/audio...
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Prozakk It's designed to do what you say it can't. You can't deny it unless you try it. I haven't heard it, so I can't swear by it. I'm happy to sit in the sweet spot, and care less about the rest of the seating in my HT. Have had no complaints from...
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    Someone please compress this video, please, pretty please? It's not "DVD" quality, anyway. We're in it for the content. This thing would be perfectly fine in a 1cd size. Or even less, to tell the truth.
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    did u finish your steak everytime?

    30oz filet, I have to see that one!
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    Ricochet from a 50 cal sniper rifle...

    Quote: Originally Posted by marvin Don't see why .50 BMG (SLAP versions) can penetrate over 1" of RHA. Since .50 BMG is not designated as a pistol round, AP rounds are perfectly legal. I thought 1" was near the limit of what .50 BMG could do. Any more, and we'd be sniping...
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    I doubt the presence channels will be that fancy. That's a heck of a lot of sound engineering just for the home video market.
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    High Resolution Bookshelf Speakers with Deep Bass

    SP Tech Timepiece Mini goes to 40hz, and hits very hard and clean, from what I've heard from their other designs. If you can spring for the full fledged Timepiece, it goes down to 30hz anechoic. Some of the most amazing bass I've heard. And yes, they're extremely high resolution. I have a SP...
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    Ideas for Powering AV123 X-LS

    Have you tried searching the av123 forums?
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    PSB Speakers

    I know PSB has a lot of stuff on paper going for him, but his speakers disappointed me greatly. Those reviews touting PSB's credentials got to me, too, when I decided to buy the Image 2b. Box coloration doesn't always make itself obvious on all types of recordings, but it was the first thing I...
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    PSB Speakers

    I trust the X-LS designer a lot more than I trust PSB, having owned the Image 2B, years ago. The PSBs had very boxy coloration, for lack of a better description. I don't know how the designs compare to each other in bass extension or output, but you can always add a subwoofer later for lower bass.
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    Von VR-1 vs Pardigm S2 vs ??

    Yes, the current price is killer, although the special ends today, and the lead time is already 8 weeks. Even when the special price ends, it's still a great price, imo, for the engineering you get. I think the price is going circa $2k when it goes dealer wide. They do have the 30-day return...
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    Help with new bass guitar

    There's probably a short or a bad connection somewhere.
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    PSB Speakers

    At this price, you could also consider the av123 xl-s.
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    Von VR-1 vs Pardigm S2 vs ??

    Hate to bring this up, but SP Tech has a new "Mini" out that just might fit your bill, music_man. I'm sure you could also get it in any finish you wanted, with the right money...
  19. ooheadsoo

    Looking for some clean 110db speakers

    SP Technologies Timepiece 3.0 for my money. If you have the power, these will put out. The engineer who designed them put close to 1kw continuous into them, and they held up for a few minutes before the voice coil started to smell a...
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    Suggestions for a Speaker Amp with a Sub Out?

    tape outputs are no go. he would have to adjust his sub volume every time he changed the volume. no one wants to do that. you can spend weeks fine tuning your subwoofer xover settings. he needs a preout, subout, or speaker level ins. AFAIK, going through the sub only involves a pair of resistors...
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    Suggestions for a Speaker Amp with a Sub Out?

    There's nothing particularly wrong with hooking up your subwoofer with speaker cables. Many people prefer it. Some subwoofer companies like Rel actively promote it. Very few integrated amps have sub outs or even a general preout. If it does, it's going to be fairly high end.
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    Need speakers/sub + amp for my music system...

    swans will not really play loud. for a compact solution that fits budget, consider a used active proaudio monitor from the US, maybe ebay, where you can get double the monitor for your sterling (less shipping.)
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    Suggestions on sub/bookshelf speaker/reciever combo wanted:)

    If you can stretch just a little, used Hsu stf series subs can be had. They all go really low and hit hard - it's hard not to go overboard while tuning them.
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    Is it worth buying an expensive Mini-Mini Cable?

    Quote: Originally Posted by digitalmind Shouldn't the foundation be the source? Little things like flowers in a vase, paintings on the wall, golden shower heads, etc, those would be the cables. I've never heard a difference in Mini-Mini cables so I voted "no". Not even the...
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    What 80's (cartoon) series would you like to see as a movie?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DocHamm Vote: Other Because there are billions of books out there with NEW material to be seen and heard and somewhere out there are creative people writing NEW things. Granted I really liked Transformers and never watched the cartoon. Not my time frame...