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  1. idruke

    iPad Air 32GB Wifi White/Silver CLOSED

    Sealed box.   Price has been reduced from $575 to $565.   $15 shipping, that includes insurance for $590. I will pay the 3% paypal fee. Local pickup is available in Houston, Texas.   Thanks for looking!
  2. idruke

    4 awesome records FOR SALE!!!

    Black Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us (New, $45 shipped)   Explosions In The Sky ‎– Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever (New, $15 shipped)...
  3. idruke

    What pads will fit the Superlux 668b?

    I tried beyer dt880 velours but the fabric lip that holds it on was too small and it didn't work. I need some comfortable pads for these headphones or they are essentially useless to me, even though they sound great. Does anyone know which pads will fit?   Thanks
  4. idruke

    TRADING/SELLING: Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohms FOR Fischer Audio FA-003Ti

    I would love to trade my excellent condition dt880 600hm for a FA-003Ti. Alternatively, I am willing to sell it for a firm $230.   The DT880 is near mint. Comes with extra set of velour pads and 1/4" adapter. Contact me and we can figure out the details.   Thanks
  5. idruke

    WANTED: AKG K240

    Message me and we can discuss details.   Thanks
  6. idruke

    NEED ADVICE: Looking for low impedance, sub $100, over ear headphone that can run properly amp-less.

    Models like the k240 (55ohms), mdr-v6 (60ohms), senn 595 look to be too high impedance to run off my laptop. Could I get some recommendations that fit my criteria?   Thanks
  7. idruke

    BUYING: Audioengine a5/a5+ or Emotiva Airmotiv 5

    Just need to be working perfectly. Message me and we can discuss details.   Thanks
  8. idruke

    Buying a large, solid state stereo power amp

    Looking for large high-end solid state power amps. Any amp over 125wpc and that is stable into a 2ohm load. Any of the following or message me to tell me what you have. I am located in Houston, TX. BAT VK-500 Plinius 250MKVI Bel Canto Evo2 Pass 350 boulder "p" series accuphase...
  9. idruke

    Buying a large, solid state stereo power amp

    Looking for large high-end solid state power amps. Any amp over 125wpc and that is stable into a 2ohm load. I am interested in any of the following or others. Message me to tell me what you have. BAT VK-500 Plinius 250MKVI Bel Canto Evo2 Pass 350 boulder "p" series accuphase Innersound...
  10. idruke

    BUYING: Adcom gfp-565

    My dad has one of these and he said it is amazing. Send me a message if you have one.   Thanks
  11. idruke

    Buying: Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohms

    I am looking for a like-new condition pair. I would also be interested in JMoney pads if you have them. I look forward to responses.   Thanks!
  12. idruke

    WTB: V-Jays in very good to mint condition

    CLOSED   Thanks
  13. idruke

    WTB: AKG/Beyer velour pads

    Looking for pads to upgrade my 668b. The beyers will have to be for the 770 etc line, not the 250/280 line. Let me know what you have.   Thanks
  14. idruke

    Just bought a Superlux 668b, what pads should I put on them?

    What pads will fit it? I hear that akg pads fit. What about beyer pads? I definitely want velour. Any advice you guys can give me?
  15. idruke

    I am buying a violectric v100 from a country that uses 240v but I use 120v.

    the manual says, "This unit is provided with an internally settable mains supply for 115 / 230 V AC".   Will this be hard to do? Could it just be an internal switch I have to move? Will I have to take it to a professional...
  16. idruke

    WTB: Superlux hd668b

    Looking for a mint condition hd668b headphone. AKG pads are a plus.   PM me thanks!
  17. idruke

    FS: Ultimate Ears/UE Triple.Fi 10

    Up for sale is a very lightly used set of Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s. The cable works perfectly.   Included is the crushproof case, extension cable, airline jack adapter, ¼” adapter, 4 sets of various sets of silicon tips, and 2 brand new sets of Comply tips.   Shipping is included...
  18. idruke

    WTB: Violectric V100

    Looking for any 115v V100, as long as it's working perfectly. Located in CONUS.   I look forward to responses,   Thanks
  19. idruke

    Receiver for use as headphone amp buying advice needed.

    Hi, was wondering if someone with experience using receivers as headphone amps could give me a few pointers. I am looking to spend +/-$200. I have been looking at a few nad/adcom/arcam models used. I was wondering if someone who has a receiver they really like could tell me about it to help me...
  20. idruke

    Could I get an ranking of these amps?

    Disregarding price, how would you rank these amps for listening with HD650?   violectric v100 meier concerto schiit asgard woo audio wa6 graham slee solo srg 2 burson ha160   Thanks guys!
  21. idruke

    WTB: Peerless pmb100 orthodynamic/isodynamic headphone

    Send me a PM saying the condition and any other relevant info and I will send my offer.   Thanks!
  22. idruke

    BUYING: Yulong D100

    I'm in the United States. Looking forward to responses. Thanks!
  23. idruke

    Amp that I can find used for under $250 that will sound good with my HD600

    I have a audioengine d1 DAC and HD600s. I am on a budget and need an amp. Suggestions?   EDIT: I was thinking maybe schiit asgard. Thoughts?   Thanks   ,Ian