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  1. Randius

    iRiver ihp-115/H115 worth getting?

    I am looking for the H120/H140 to pair with my iBasso D12 and I came across this in the classified. Read and found out that it means the capacity is only 15GB and the RAM is half (16MB) of that compared to H120/H140 (32MB). I wish to ask if anyone had owned the H115 previously (and moved on to...
  2. Randius

    New Oyaide HPC-UE IEM Cables!

      Oyaide just announced a new IEM cable for UE IEMs! This uses PCOCC-A cables as core, silver plated OFC as shielding and the famous Oyaide straight silver rhodium plug. This should be available on 15th of December. I will say this looks better than the RC-UE1 released earlier.      
  3. Randius

    VentureCraft Go-Dap battery pack/portable amp for iPhone 3GS

    When VentureCraft announced the Go-Dap on head-fi, I was interested as it combines both a battery pack for the iPhone 3GS and also an amplifier section. There is absolutely no need for an interconnect as the Go-Dap connects directly to the line-out on 3GS, providing cleaner output. Looking at...
  4. Randius

    Silver Dragon Custome IEM Cables for Westone UM3X

    I came across the Silver Dragon IEM cables made for JH/UE and IE8. I am wondering if there will be a version for Westone IEMs, particularly the UM2/UM3X with recessed slots. Are there any choices of terminate (oyaide, ViaBlue etc) other than the Neutrik and Pailics?
  5. Randius

    WTS: EarSonics SM3 (SOLD)

    Selling the following items Item : EarSonics SM3 Description of Item : Highly regarded triple balance armature earphones here in Head-Fi and several other blogs. In fully working condition. Perfect physical condition (no scratches/dents/nicks etc). Only about a week old after receiving the...
  6. Randius

    Seeking Opinions on EarSonics EM1-iFI

    Having read rave reviews on the SM3 and EM3 Pro, I am very interested in getting a pair of custom earphones from EarSonic. Due to limited budget, I am not able to go straight for the EM3 Pro but since EarSonic offers an upgrade path, I will take my time to upgrade and go for the EM1-iFI first...