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  1. Cousin Eddie

    Final Four predictions

    Final Four ------------ Kentucky Kansas Texas Louisville Championship game ------------------------- Kansas Louisville Champion ------------ Kansas
  2. Cousin Eddie

    The big asteroid is going to miss us!!

    Take a look here: I think we all know what this means!! It's time to party!!!! Am I right?!?! Yes, sir!!! Time for some liquid refreshments!!! Who's with me?!?!?!!!
  3. Cousin Eddie

    Vanilla Coke: Yes or No?

    I don't like any of these new flavors they keep trying. Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Lemon Coke, what a bunch of crap! I'm not going to try this new Vanilla Coke. They are trying to confuse us. It's all part of their mind games. I refuse to try any more Coke products until they quit trying to pull...
  4. Cousin Eddie

    Wow! Canned air is fun!

    I don't like spiders. I'm afraid they will bite me. However, I do have an ant farm. I watch the ants a lot. They go about there business, and I just sit there watching them. When I first started the ant farm, there weren't very many, but now there are thousands. It is I alone who controls how...
  5. Cousin Eddie

    Upsampling DACs

    I bet a DAC is a great thing to get for use with headphones since headphones allow you to hear a lot of detail. Someday, I'll get one.
  6. Cousin Eddie

    USA Wins!!!

    I agree with RMSzero. Let's call it soccer in this thread. I have no idea what you guys are talking about when you guys are calling it football. I keep thinking touchdowns and field goals when someone mentions football. I get confused really easy. Please, let's refrain from calling it football...
  7. Cousin Eddie

    Will it matter if I don't break in headphones

    Break-in is kind of like the big urban legend of headphones. Everyone always talks about it, despite the fact that there's no evidence for it and the headphone manufacturers themselves say it's not necessary.
  8. Cousin Eddie

    Quality Television programming

    My favorite show was "Big Brother". You could watch people just going about their lives. It reminded me of what I do on a daily basis. Sometimes the people on the show were watching TV theirselves. Often I would yell at the people on the show "Change the channel" if they were watching something...
  9. Cousin Eddie

    Quality Television programming

    I love TV. I can't get enough TV. My favorite time is prime time, when TV's brightest stars come out to shine. I have 78 channels. I wish that I could watch them all at the same time. If I'm watching one channel, I'm missing what's on the other channels. What if it was something good and they...
  10. Cousin Eddie

    World Cup

    I'm a really big soccer fan. I think we even have a league here in the U.S. now. I haven't heard anything about it for awhile, so maybe I'm wrong about that. I remember that we used to have a guy with a orange beard and a really outrageous haircut playing on our national team. Does anyone know...
  11. Cousin Eddie

    crazy weather pics

    Mother Nature started the war against man. For eons, she has besieged us with droughts, floods, and poison snakes. Now she wants to call a truce just because she's losing. Well, I say, too damn bad. She made one crucial mistake. She pissed us off and left us alive.
  12. Cousin Eddie

    I just did a double-take! (BEST BUY!)

    I go to Best Buy all the time, probably once a week on average. Best Buy used to never have Sennheiser. I was surprised when I first saw them there.
  13. Cousin Eddie

    Interest Check: Alessandro/Grado Music Series Pro

    Did I mention these would be going to an orphanage?
  14. Cousin Eddie

    Senn HD700?

    The HD700 is supposed to be exactly the same as the HD600, except the earpieces are covered with glitter.
  15. Cousin Eddie

    Interest Check: Alessandro/Grado Music Series Pro

    I'll take them off your hands for 50 clams.
  16. Cousin Eddie

    New guy.

    Quote: Originally posted by Polygon Hehe, I think Eddie got my thread mixed up as a thread for that new movie coming out rather than an introduction. Oh, crap, it happened again! I was talking about one thing, and everyone else was talking about something else! Thanks for bailing...
  17. Cousin Eddie

    Does burn in happen this fast????

    Here are some questions for you that believe in break-in: 1. What's the purpose of calibration at the factory if the frequency response changes a few hours after they ship it out? 2. Why does burn-in only happen positively? Why doesn't anyone ever say "I really liked these when I got them...
  18. Cousin Eddie

    Does burn in happen this fast????

    Burn-in is a mental phenomenon. Your brain is adjusting to something new. It has nothing to do with any physical change in the headphones.
  19. Cousin Eddie

    Team Stupid

    I would like to join Team Stupid. I never have felt comfortable with other teams such as Team Sennheiser, Team AKG, Team Grado, etc. I always feel like they're talking about me, like they think they're better than me. It's like they think I'm a chimp, and they're studying me for a science...
  20. Cousin Eddie

    Hiss when volume on high

    Headphones are passive devices, so they are not producing the hiss. The source is producing the hiss. Most cheap headphones have high sensitivity so that they will be easy to drive. Many expensive headphones have a high impedance to avoid this problem. This makes them harder to drive, but you...
  21. Cousin Eddie

    People here really don't like science hey??

    I've read many of your posts. I think you have some good ideas. However, they're also new ideas. Therefore, we must reject them.
  22. Cousin Eddie

    Sony MDR-R10 vs. HD600 musings

    The HD-600's are the complete opposite of the R-10's. The HD-600's go to great lengths to prevent coloration of the sound. The grill is designed to prevent resonation. The pads are all cushiony to absorb reverberations. The HD-600's are precisely why most people don't like headphone sound...
  23. Cousin Eddie

    Private Forum?

    ai0tron, I feel your pain. The girls are all over me too. It's a real bitch. It's a curse. While I do occasionally appreciate their attention, it really bothers me that they are only after my body. "There's a mind behind this sexy exterior!", I plead with them. Girls only think about one thing...
  24. Cousin Eddie

    Private Forum?

    I agree with Flumpus. We need to divide the members up into categories, based on the quality of their posts. I'm a busy man. I don't have time to sit around here all day and sift through all the crap. When I come here, I just want to cut to the chase. Just tell me what's important, and I'll be...
  25. Cousin Eddie

    Final Four predictions

    I only got to see the last 2 or 3 minutes of the Indiana-Duke game because the game we had was Oklahoma-Arizona, but I was watching the score. They kept getting closer and closer. Finally, they switched us over. This game was a lot like the Duke at Virginia game. Duke was ahead by about 20 in...