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  1. Polygon

    Wharfedale WH-2 speakers.

    Has anyone here auditioned these speakers? I just bought a pair of the Bi-Polar surrounds and a center channel. I have not heard them yet and I am waiting for them to arrive. Just curious what everyone here thought about them and Wharfedale in general.
  2. Polygon

    Need help with a crossover and some other things.

    I need, well I don't need, but I want to find someone or someplace that sells custom or at least some good 5-way crossovers. I also need to find two replacement ribbon tweeters for my pair of DBXs. And lastly I need to get some new speaker grills. Please, if anyone has some good ideas on where I...
  3. Polygon

    Good crossovers?

    Does anyone here know of a good place on the net to buy crossovers. I have a friend that is building a pair of speakers and he needs a pair of 3-way crossovers. He was going to buy them from Radio Shack but I told him to wait and I would find him some, also he is on a tight budget as well.
  4. Polygon

    New guy.

    I don't know how long I have been looking for a forum like this but thank goodness I finally found one. Just like to say hi and looks like these are some good forums.