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    How is the battery life on them? Are you the first owner?
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    All Sold

    Are the MrSpeakers pads still available?
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    Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

    I love the HD650 and HD600. Not sure if I should jump on my own Hype Train and buy them before the reviews come out.
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    Fostex TR-80 250ohm

    For sale I have a Fostex TR-80 250ohm. I bought them new and have hardly used them since I have so many other headphones. So they are in like new condition. Come from a Pet, Kid and Smoke free home. Comes with everything the stock headphones come with. Hoping to get $90 for them...
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    ZMF Ori in Cherry wood with Seahorse Case

    For sale I have a ZMF Ori in Cherry wood with a Seahorse Case. I received them as part of a trade. I purchased new pads for them a week ago. Come from a Pet, Kid and Smoke free home. Item included: -Headphones (With new pads) -Stock 1/4" Cable -Seahorse Case Hoping to get SOLD...
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    STAX SRS-3100 with Extras and Warrenty

    For sale I have a STAX SRS-3100 system in fantastic condition with several extras. I am the original owner. Come from a Pet, Kid and Smoke free home. Items included: -STAX SR-L300 [$700] -Stax SRM-252S (110V version works perfectly with the Adapter) -JAMECO RELIAPRO AC to DC Wall Adapter...
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    Win a SUSVARA

    Please pick me!! I love my HE-500s but these look incredible!
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    Added pictures.