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  1. Byakushiki

    Craziest place you've taken your headphones/earphones?

    Just as the title says, where's the craziest place/craziest activity where you've taken your audio gear with you?   Post away!      Here's mine: Took my Backbeat 326's with me during a summit attempt of a mountain in the White Mountains area, by accident because I left it in my...
  2. Byakushiki

    Alright, my Altec Lansing backbeat 326's finally broke.

    It's been a fairly long time with these tough little IEMs but I've finally worn them to the point where they've fallen apart. Specifically, the driver's housing has separated into two pieces, on one side, and it's to a point where if I repair them, their sound would most likely adversely change...
  3. Byakushiki

    Any good winter/tri-season jackets one would recommend?

    Hello guys. So, this year, I've decided on getting a new winter jacket, as my last one seems to have failed miserably in just two years. Despite the water and windproof label, I've gotten soaked multiple times in my last jacket (Columbia waterproof/windproof shell and warmer that zips in). The...
  4. Byakushiki

    Got my Pioneer HDJ500K, impression of it

    Arriving half a week early, my Pioneer HDJ-500K's just arrived today. Not a very reviewed headphone is it? The packaging is fairly nice, plastic, but not a clamshell package, it's an actual box. The alternate language being French, to boot.   Aesthetically, they're quite pleasing in...