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  1. Hi 5

    HD Headphone Wallpaper

    If you have some High-Resolution Headphone Wallpaper please share!   I'll try to add more to the page as time goes by but to kick start it off I hope you enjoy this   Pono Player - Sony Z7 Combo     Click here for uncompressed 4K Ultra HD Version    
  2. Hi 5

    WireWorld - Solstice II (3m pair) WireWorld - Terra III - Orbit III - Chroma III

    I'm Looking to trade off some Speaker Cables for preferably Headphone related gear. So if you have something you would like to trade off and think you can use 1 or all of these cables feel free to throw out some ideas =)     WireWorld - Solstice II (3m pair 14 AWG) Good Conditions but the...
  3. Hi 5

    SONY Z7 - Hi5 Personal Impression

    The Sony z7 has inspired me to write a little about my personal reflections on these Headphones   The Sound and Build quality is simply stellar   I feel as thought I could wear these for days...   The Sony z7 is a stunning, Musical, Engineering Masterpiece...   In short I can't find a...
  4. Hi 5

    Sharing Photos of my Collection

    Hello,   My Name is Andrew..   I've been browsing the forum for some time now and decided i'd better stop being lazy and get an account =) Would like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who made it possible for me and many others to find the Sounds that we've been looking for!  ...
  5. Hi 5

    How Do I Prove My Head-Fi Allegiance !

    How many post? how long does it take? To prove myself worthy?   I just want to be able to post pics and share   Tell me the Secrets...