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  3. reynman

    Alo Interconnect for Sony Walkman

    Quote: Originally Posted by KB They are glacial. Ken LOL! Thanks for the update Ken.
  4. reynman

    cowon d2, sony nw-a808 or clix2

    I recently purchased a black a808 along with the crystal case from eBay. Great sounding player, easy navigation, a great screen, and a customizable eq. I'm an admitted Sony guy when it comes to my DAPs, but I have owned an iPod, ZVM, and currently own a Zune. I've been using it with my...
  5. reynman

    Best portable line-out without modification or DAC?

    Sorry dupe post, duh!
  6. reynman

    Best portable line-out without modification or DAC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Do Sony d-ej2000 pcdp is the best I've used. Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 Sony MZ-RH1 More Sony goodness: NW HD1 (combo out) r900 MD (combo out) d25S semi-PCDP (separate outs) r50 MD (separate outs) Dusted off the d25s...
  7. reynman

    Newb question: Should I spend more on IEMs or IEM/Amp combo for Zune?

    If you are going to travel a lot, invest more in your IEM - maybe go the custom route. I dove right in and bought the Sensa 2X-S. Best headphone purchase I've made since I started this craziness. Once you get that seal and isolation, nothing comes between you and the music (good and bad). IMHO...
  8. reynman

    Emmeline turned me into a grandfather...

    Congrats Ray. I hope everyone is doing well. You better start re-practicing those diaper changes. Word to the wise, put the solder gun down when you're going to change Christian! No multi-tasking! Wait a minute that makes Charles an uncle!!! Uh-oh! EDIT: Just saw the pic from Uncle...
  9. reynman

    Recovering from "the Procedure" - A Rant

    Tom, I have to go through the procedure. After the wife gave birth to son #3 in May, I decided that I would get it done. Six months later I still haven't had it done, though I am staring at my referral!!! And the wife is getting ornery. I was recently at the dentist for a cleaning and I...
  10. reynman

    Sensaphonics problems?

    tennisets, It'll be a year this Tuesday when I purchased my 2XS. See my loooong post regarding my 'journey' and Sensaphonics' great customer service. No problem whatsoever, just a lot of great music this past year during my commute from the 'burbs. I chose Sensaphonics because they were...
  11. reynman


    I've consulted with Ray about purchasing the Hornet even though I am the proud owner of SR71 - 6001. I really like the sound of my SR71/Sensa 2Xs/HD1 rig. He flat out tells me I do not need the Hornet. I believe him, though I will take a listen when I get a chance to drive over to his house. For...
  12. reynman

    Happy Birthday Ray Samuels!

    Happy Birthday Ray! We'll see you in a bit! Can't wait to test out the Hornet against good ol 6001!
  13. reynman

    How long did it take to get used to your first IEM?

    It took me about a week to feel "normal" with my Sensa 2XS, my first foray into customized IEMs.
  14. reynman

    Post Pics of your Bikes

    My Specialized mountain bike was stolen from our condo's 'bike room' last year and I bought this puppy. A lot lighter (and faster) than the Specialized
  15. reynman

    recommend me ipod accessories (for straight men)

    Quote: Originally Posted by headchange4u They are expensive but Vaja case are really nice. Agreed. When I owned a 3G/15gig iPod, I never worried about it being not protected enough. The smell of fine leather! I have a Vaja case for my HD1, same thing - expensive, greaty quality...
  16. reynman

    Powering for SR-71

    Quote: Originally Posted by raisin How many of the owners of this portable amp would find ac power essential to their purchase choice? AC powered? Nope, don't need it don't want it.
  17. reynman

    heel toe downshifting

    Back in the day - '94 Sentra SE-R and heel n toe....Bliss!
  18. reynman

    Lay it All out - list just your Main Rig, from Soup to Nuts.

    Head-fi Name: reynman Media: CD Transport: Meridian 507 Interconnects: None DAC: Meridian 507 Interconnects: Kimber PBJ Amp: Ray Samuels Emmeline Raptor and Eddie Current HD300 (both stock tubes) Cable: Stefan Art Equinox Cans: Senn 650
  19. reynman

    Happy Birthday Tyll Hertsens.

    Tyll, Happy Birthday! I think you and john jcb were separated at birth! Regards - reynman
  20. reynman

    Happy Birthday John JCB

    John, Happy Birthday to one of Chicagolands finest headi-fiers. Regards - reynman
  21. reynman

    Chicago West Burbs Mini Meet

    Sounds like a plan! I missed the Central IL meet and the Headroom meet at Billy's seemed soooo long ago. I'm in the Downers Grove/Westmont area. Weekends are best for me. By the time I get home from work, I just want to chill with the wifey and kids.
  22. reynman

    Sony Vaio Pocket Issues & Audio Formats

    I've used my Vaio and HD1 on my MPV's stock unit with an AuxMod . It basically uses the MD/Tape out and converts it to a line out. The sounds through the MPV's stock 9 speaker system is pretty good. I'll upgrade the speakers one of these days! If you really have to bring your DAP with you in the...
  23. reynman

    Happy Birthday Tuberoller

    Fred, Happy Birthday to another Leo that I know.