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  1. Tom-s

    Desirable / collectable vacuum tubes for sale. Updates in first post regularly! Pic heavy.

    I'm selling out some of my tube collection via Head-fi. The start post is up to date. I try to add tubes regularly, so keep an eye. The list of actual tubes is found below and up to date. If you have a question, looking for a specific tube, do ask via PM. Tube testing. Every tube test "good"...
  2. Tom-s


    Bottlehead If one could their own headphone amplifier that has benefitted from years of tweaking and ongoing improvements for a relatively low price? Who could say nee to that? The Bottlehead company is a US based company that makes high quality Do...
  3. Tom-s

    GEC A2900, ECC801s, E81CC, ECC81 priced to sell

    I’m selling my small collection of GEC A2900 (a GEC special quality valve). The absolute king ECC81 / 12AT7 / E81CC / 6201 / ECC801s type tubes. The most sought after version of ECC81 tube and virtually unobtanium. Please mind some minor differences from a normal ECC81 type. They do function in...
  4. Tom-s

    WTT: My tubes for your Schiit Vali 2

    I'm looking for a Schiit Vali 2 within Europe. Willing to trade for tubes and trades only. Not interested in Vali 1 or others. So, if you have a Vali 2 laying around, collecting dust, and are looking for any type of tube, let me know.
  5. Tom-s

    Hifi desktop setup. B&W CM6 S2 for near-field desktop?

    I'm setting up my first desktop setup. This set will start from 2 speakers but thinking about adding a subwoofer later on. Dac: Gustard X20 (own this already) Amplifier: Hypex Ncore (because of the tiny package, currently on it's way). Speakers i'm looking for: - Quality. - Warmer side of the...