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  1. Dunne14

    Monster Miles Davis Trumpet In-Ear Headphones   Anyone notice these headphones, these are not exactly artist advertised, but they are better looking than most headphones.
  2. Dunne14

    Monster Yao Ming Models

    Thats what i was thinking, they are terribly ugly, and a horrible orangish red, i was just seeing what the head-fi community thought about monsters newest monstrousity!
  3. Dunne14

    IEMS decesion

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper vs. Etymotic Hf5 vs. Klipsch Image S4i vs. Shure SE425 or SE315 or SE535?425 or  4   Alright so i bought some Monster Turbine Pro Copper but have some time to try them and return them. I got them for about $100 and have checked out that they arent fakes, a person...
  4. Dunne14

    Monster Yao Ming Models

    I was suprised that no one on hear has any threads about the new Yao Ming headphones and cables with Monster.   Here are the links about press release of monsters new headphones : ...
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