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  1. penvzila

    I was walking to the video return kiosk at Hollywood video...

    I'll probably pay part of my first tuition bill with it.
  2. penvzila

    Winamp problems

  3. penvzila

    Post your desktop!

    foobar plug
  4. penvzila

    Your Favourite Basshead Album

    Aphex Twin - saw 1 and 2 especially track 8 on disc 1 of saw2 Amon Tobin - Supermodified especially "Slowly" and "Get Your Snack On"
  5. penvzila

    A List of Sites with Free & Legal Soundfiles

    Quote: Originally posted by scrypt The above appears to be a commercial mp3 download site featuring, for the most part, standard and ubiquitous artists. Am I missing something? Not really.
  6. penvzila

    A List of Sites with Free & Legal Soundfiles

    i made a list here a while bakc
  7. penvzila

    What was the #1 song on your birthday?

    I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder 10-19-1984 same in the uk and my life's theme song is Dilemma by Nelly & Kelly Rowland **** that **** hehe in the uk it was the Ketchup Song
  8. penvzila

    WinMX question

    There's no way to know. Winmx isn't that great to begin with.
  9. penvzila

    Anyone play Progress Quest

    I'm a level 49 Eel Man Robot Monk, currently seeking the Puissant Tome. I play on Expodrine.
  10. penvzila

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Donnie Darko and the Terminator Special Edition this week. I'm going to rent Commando tonight, and see if they also have the Conan The Barbarian Special Edition.
  11. penvzila

    Tom Clancy Fans: help with Jack Ryan

    I think Michael Biehn would make a decent Clark. Or David Morse. Actually the more i think about it, David Morse would be perfect.
  12. penvzila

    Universal to cut CD prices

    Quote: Originally posted by grinch that article looks like total ******** to me. they can announce all they want, but i seriously doubt best buy is just going to drop $2 off the price of every cd by universal. oh well, i suppose in a warped *****-footing sort of way it's a step in the...
  13. penvzila

    Does work for you?

    **** please. The amount of spam you get with hotmail is no different than any other major free provider. I have had a hotmail account for years and it gets less spam than my comcast account. BTW, works fine for me today.
  14. penvzila

    Coppolas, Jonze, Bill Murray, Wes Anderson, Sonic Youth, White Stripes, Kate Moss...

    Quote: Originally posted by blessingx ...worth registering for on the NYTIMES.... NO.
  15. penvzila

    Exabyte 18D Robotic Tape Library (sysadmins? Anyone?)

    I think it's an automatic loading system. But surely exabyte is the brandname and not the capacity?
  16. penvzila

    Who is getting LOTR: Two Towers DVD tommorow?

    Comparing the books to the movies is stupid. It's like bashing Ford cars because they don't haul as much as Ford trucks. The story had to be changed because the books as they are are unfilmable.
  17. penvzila

    Top 3 Soundtracks

    1. Akira 2. PI 3. Natural Born Killers
  18. penvzila

    Who is getting LOTR: Two Towers DVD tommorow?

    Quote: Originally posted by fractus2 I think I heard it comes as a multi-disk set with some good extras/features? Wonder how good the comentary is. The director commentary is cool, if you're into that. I never listened to the design team or production team commentaries.
  19. penvzila

    Who is getting LOTR: Two Towers DVD tommorow?

    I have the 5 disc set on preorder from amazon (the one that comes with a Gollum figure made by WETA and an extra dvd about that figure) but I just know I'll break down and by the 2 discer at Fred Meyer. I hope at least one theatre in portland shows the entire trilogy back to back to back. I...
  20. penvzila

    Rated PG-13 for "Double Entendre"

    I saw this on a poster for the Medallion, Jackie Chan's second of three movies coming out this year. Would the average weirdo parent who doesn't let their kid see Jackie Chane movies even know what that means? ...Oh, it's not funny? Had to be there, i guess.
  21. penvzila

    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    Bola - Pae Paoe OMG EARGASM!!
  22. penvzila

    Anime Music

    I am listening to the soundtrack to Akira, and it is as awesome as the movie. Is all anime music as great as this?
  23. penvzila

    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira Soundtrack - Requiem
  24. penvzila

    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    Autechre - Cavity Job