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  1. pdc

    Why exactly does bose suck?

    A few years ago I bought the top bose speakers. After a couple of weeks I took them back. They did not project a accurate or clean sound that I wanted out of a speaker. If you are looking for speakers try B&W or mission speakers. If you like the west coast sound then JBL or infinity are good...
  2. pdc

    Places to buy AKG K501 or Sennheiser HD580 online?

    I found that Headphone is the best around. The prices are reasonable and the service is outstanding. You can call them with questions and get intelligent answers. If you are not happy with the product, they have a 30 day return policy.
  3. pdc

    New amp

    I bought my ER4s and total airhead 1.5v 3 months ago. The sound is great. I am looking to upgrading in the near future. I talked with Headphone and they suggested the Cosmic amp. Is this the way to go our would it be better to keep my airhead for portable and get the something else like a...
  4. pdc

    Ety 4P and bass/volume issue.

    I've had my ER-4S for about 3 months now. I've found the clarity of the music to be very good, even with my older ears. I don't listen to my grado 60 anymore. The 4s do take a little more power though. It is great difference in having an amp.
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