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  1. Mr_Happy

    SOLD: Equation Audio RP-21 (Used)

    Hello, this RP-21 is in like-new condition and includes the original box and manual, and 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. I bought these new locally less than a month ago. The price I'm asking is $80 shipped USPS Priority within the USA, and I can accept PayPal or money orders/cashier's checks. Please feel...
  2. Mr_Happy

    Meier Corda Move & Lunchbox II comparisons?

    Hello, Has anyone here had the chance to compare the Meier Corda Move with the Lunchbox II? This might be a bit of apples vs. oranges (tubes vs solid state, home vs portable) but they are both in the same price range. I'm looking for something to feed Sennheiser HD 580's from an EMU 0404 USB...
  3. Mr_Happy

    For Sale: Sony CE775 SACD/CD player

    Up for sale is my Sony CE775 CD/SACD 5 disc changer. I bought it as a display model from Best Buy about 2 months ago. The Best Buy had only been open about 3 weeks when I bought it, and it is in excellent condition. I have the remote and manual but no box. I will also include 2 SACD's - Blonde...
  4. Mr_Happy


    Hi, Couldn't find an entry for mkyy so I'm starting one! I sold mkyy some speakers. He was pleasant to deal with and sent payment quickly. Thanks
  5. Mr_Happy

    SOLD: Some SACDs for sale

    Hi, I'm selling two of my SACDs: Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks (2 SACD set) $20 shipped Orff: Carmina Burana (Telarc Disc) $15 shipped Or, you can buy both for $30 shipped. Both of these albums are hybrid CD/SACDs, so they will play on your regular CD players as well. I'll ship USPS...
  6. Mr_Happy

    WTB: Bolder Type 1 cables for ART DI/O

    Hi, I'm looking for a used pair of Bolder Cable Type I interconnects for the ART DI/O (with the voltage divider network built into the cable). I think the output of the DI/O is a little too hot for my NAD amp. If anyone is willing to sell one for a good price, please send me an email or PM...
  7. Mr_Happy


    I sold a set of speakers to Qutius. He was very nice to deal with and sent payment instantly. Thanks.
  8. Mr_Happy

    Opinions on Sony ns500v and Sony 775 sacd players

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you have compared the Sony ce775 cd/sacd changer and the Sony ns500v dvd/sacd player. They're both currently under $200 and seem like good deals. The 775 seems to have gotten better reviews on audioasylum, but I've read some reports of it skipping on some discs...
  9. Mr_Happy

    Creek OBH-11 Headphone Amp

    I'm selling a Creek OBH-11 Headphone amp that I bought used about a month ago. The unit works fine, but there are a few cosmetic defects (not done by me). The bottom front rubber feet have become about a half centimeter off center, there are a few nicks on the volume knob on its edge, 2...
  10. Mr_Happy

    Creek OBH-2 mA rating

    Hi, I was wondering if a Creek OBH-2 owner could post the mA and wattage rating of the OBH-2 (should be written on top of the wallplug). Thanks in advance.