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  1. edwinaviles

    In Need Of a Earphone best canal type for Zen Vision:M

    have you tryed the eq setttings on the vision M. i have one too and the eq settings really let you tune to what you may like. i have the e4s that i just bought, by shure, and they sound great with the vision m. great bass for most stuff and messing with the eq just a bit can give added umph to...
  2. edwinaviles

    For Sale: Sony XA777ES SACD player

    I guess people arent into components these days... is it that everyones broke after christmas? nyway, bump
  3. edwinaviles

    For Sale: Sony XA777ES SACD player

    Im looking to sell my used Sony XA777ES SACD player to whomever can make me the best offer... It has about 300 hours used time, Max. I bought it in 2001 but did a lot of travelling in all that time until now and couldnt lug this beast with me soo it didnt get that much play time in those years...
  4. edwinaviles

    Cardas Golden Reference ICS

    One pair of Cardas Golden Reference 0.5m RCA cables. Very good condition. $300 plus shipping, only to the US. Contact me via messages here or e-mail. Thanks.
  5. edwinaviles

    META42: bright, tinny?

    At the recent Boston Head-fi meet, I got to listen to a Maxed-out Meta. I was surprised at how neutral it sounded. It reminded me of my MAX in neutrality. The source was different than mine at home, but the ICs I used to test the Meta were the ones connected to my MAX and the same headphones as...
  6. edwinaviles

    Interest Check: Musical Fidelity A324 DAC

    Hello. I am thinking of selling my Musical Fidelity A3.24 DAC, plus a pair of 0.5m Cardas Golden Ref. ICs, and a 1.0m Cardas Lightening 15 Digital Coax Cable. I would like to sell it as a package deal for $1350.00, but would sell separates at $900 for the DAC, $120.00 for the Digital CAble...
  7. edwinaviles

    MAX as a pre-amp?

    Hello. Has anyone used their MAX as a pre-amp to a power-amp for a speaker system? If so, any impressions compared to the recent pre-amps on the market? Thanks for any info. Edwin Aviles
  8. edwinaviles

    Boston head-fi meet impressions

    Hello guys. Sorry I couldn't write until now. My computer at home is temporarily out of service. It was a pleasure meeting the guys at the meet and I thank Zin_ramu for hosting the event. It was really fun. To answer a few questions, it's Edwin the silent lurker in Boston, not the Edwin...
  9. edwinaviles

    Its Official: Boston, MA Head-Fi Meeting: October 19th, 1:00 pm

    I'll be there tomorrow shortly after 1pm. I don't have to worry about work this weekend. Now the rain is a different matter... Edwin Aviles
  10. edwinaviles

    OH NO!...the Cardas smurf cable is INCREDIBLE!!

    Hello. Instead of blu-tack, use toothpicks. Wedge one in between the connector and the plastic enclosure. Then cut off most of the remainder that juts out. It's pretty easy to take out if you leave just a little bit exposed and won't damage the plastic enclosure or connector. After I did this...
  11. edwinaviles

    SACD titles info wanted

    Hello. To answer your second question, go to this link at audioasylum. The person is right about and I prefer the website of elusive disc. It is better to get around in, has competitive prices, and has a nice special for return customers. $2.00 off of all...
  12. edwinaviles

    wanted: XA777ES Modwright reviews; stock comments

    Hello, as a current XA777ES owner, I am very interested in your findings. I was wondering if you could ask Dan Wright specific questions as to which of the 2 sounds better per category, from a small list that you could make. That list could contain all the most important aspects to you...
  13. edwinaviles

    Where to buy SACDs?

    Hello. This is a list I got off of Audio Asylum that has been very helpful for buying SACDs and emptying my wallet. In Canada, you can try: but don't pass on US on-line sources like:
  14. edwinaviles

    FS: Mahler CDs

    Hello. For sale are two UNOPENED CDs. Mahler's 1st and 9th Symphonies , done in the 60s, conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Both are very well done. I already have copies of them and aquired these accidentally. Links to the descriptions and pictures at Amazon can be found below. Price is...
  15. edwinaviles

    FS: Sennheiser HD497s

    I'm selling a used pair of Senn HD497s. It is in very good to excellent condition. I've had them for about a month now but have used them for 10-15 hours of play time max. Price is $34.00 with shipping via USPS. It comes with the 1/4" termination adapter and the original packaging...
  16. edwinaviles

    People here really don't like science hey??

    Hey Joe, you have my sympathies man. I was reading your thread on impedance matching and ratios. I was very much looking forward to a scientific answer from someone myself. I was thinking about asking headroom how the gain switch works on their amplifiers and maybe how it relates to this. Maybe...
  17. edwinaviles

    First Impressions of Cardas HD-580/600 Prototype Cable

    Hello. I sent an e-mail to Mr. Serdechny asking for more info on the new Balanced Nightpath cables and got the following reply. "The new Spectrum Balanced Nightpath cable will not extend the highs more than the Equinox. By varing the Equinox cable geometry - the Nightpath spectrum...
  18. edwinaviles

    weird noise in senn 600s

    Hey shoos, its Edd from MIT! How are you? Try taking out the wire plugs to the Senns and putting them back in. That fixed my problem. That won't guarantee to work if it is the transducers but it doesn't hurt to try.
  19. edwinaviles

    Sugden Headmaster bright? I hope so!

    Hello. This is my first post, being a newbie and all. I' ve been reading about headphone amps on this site for the past week and find all this stuff fascinating. This trove of information will soon lead me to eat a lot of Ramen noodle lunches for the next coupe of weeks! However, I am not...
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