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  1. audionut44

    Audio Technica ATH-M70x 6 months old

    SOLD Audio Technica ATH-M70x in excellent condition. I want to love closed back cans but they just aren't for me. I've given these excellent headphones about 6 months of infrequent use and I find I just prefer open back headphones. The 70x is comfortable, neutral and sound great with a multitude...
  2. audionut44

    Schiit Asgard 2 in excellent condition.

    SOLD! Selling my beloved Schiit Asgard 2 because I just won an ALO international+ from a competition. I'm sure the Asgard 2 might have the edge when powering my HD600s but I just don't need more than one headphone amp.   Price includes shipping and fees to anywhere in the...
  3. audionut44

    Calyx PaT USB DAC

    Two month old Calyx PaT in red.  Significantly improves the sound of mobile phones and provides easy to use controls for iOS devices.  I've upgraded to a dedicated DAP so I no longer need this.   Price includes shipping and fees.  For an additional $15 i can include the genuine Apple Camera...