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  1. SouthPaW1227

    Westone UM1 Review w/ G5 60GB iPod to come...

    Just an FYI: I splurged for the first time in almost 2 years on some new gear. My 3G iPod died this past week (battery won't hold a full charge for over 30 seconds), so I figured it was a great time to upgrade. I'll be picking up my 60GB G5 iPod tomorrow & I ordered the Westone UM1's from the...
  2. SouthPaW1227

    Daniel L

    Sold a few discs to Daniel L, he was quick to reply and quick to pay. Great communicator and very friendly. An awesome new member to the boards! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him at any time in the future
  3. SouthPaW1227


    Sold my MG Head MkI/OTL Amp & Tubes to Robertwaller. PMs were very quick, money order came quicker than expected, everything was perfect. Highly recommended trader
  4. SouthPaW1227

    The headphone hobby is new HT setup...

    Wow, and I thought high-end headphone gear was expensive...who was I kidding?! Think buying ONE pair of awesome heaphones is expensive? Try buying SEVEN awesome speakers! Man...I got a MG Head OTL MkI & a set of AT W1000s and I was cost: ~$500 But of course, me being an...
  5. SouthPaW1227

    Heads-Up: 2 Newest Modest Mouse CDs for only $15!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that this week only is offering Modest Mouse's 2 newest albums for only $15 for the pair, shipped free! If you've been interested in their sound, this is a perfect way to get into their music...I just ordered the pair. This is their recently...
  6. SouthPaW1227


    I purchased a perfectly mint MGHead OTL (first gen. MkI) with a variety of tubes from this fellow and he was always quick to reply & very prompt in arrived in pristine condition! Very friendly, couldn't recommended more highly! Thanks again, it's wonderful!
  7. SouthPaW1227

    FS: MINT Sony CD3000s!

    SOLD!!! Hey everyone! I just purchased these off of shafu recently, and I'm just too much of a basshead to really enjoy these. Call me nuts, but I prefer my A500s over these simply b/c the A500s have more "Boom" whereas the CD3000s have a tighter bass sound...granted, the CD3000s are much...
  8. SouthPaW1227

    Pioneer I have something special?

    Well as chance would have it, I've been given (free!) a vintage (I'm guessing about 1970) Pioneer C3500 with it's original instruction manual, a OEM factory replacement stereo cartridge, and get has NEVER been plugged in! The factory tape is still on the power adapter as well as the...
  9. SouthPaW1227

    Any users play guitar through their cans?

    Just wondering as I'm an avid guitarist and would absolutely love the ability to play late nights w/o waking anyone up by listening through my cans instead of blaring the Marshall. I've got a great Marshall setup with a 1/4" phones output already on it that I'm assuming would do the trick...
  10. SouthPaW1227

    WTB: Entry/middish Level Home Headphone Amp

    Hey all! I just wanna see any offers you've got on entry/mid level home (AC powered) headphone amps. I can't spend over ~$110, just looking for something that'll benefit my sound (ATH-A500s) without making me broke. Thanks for any offers, and posts/PMs will work