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  1. Gwarmi

    Antipodes Reference spec RCA cables (New Zealand)

     Managed to snare a set of these heavily sheathed RCA units from Antipodes Audio over in New Zealand.           Yes, my Chord Co Cobra RCA's are well and truly outgunned here        Even with such short time on the rig, I am thoroughly enjoying the difference in...
  2. Gwarmi

    Audio-Technica AT-HA5000ANV 50th Anniversary Headphone Amplifier

         Any more news regarding this uber expensive head amp offering for Audio Technica's 50th birthday?    It better sound pretty sweet, this thing will not drive anything 600ohm all that flash from the  spec-sheet. $2900USD     Specifications Type: Amplifier Class A operation...
  3. Gwarmi

    Audio Technica M50 ~ 50th Anniversary limited edition! *Pics inside*

         Just sharing some boxed pictures from today for those that have not seen them as yet,    Apologies in advance (I performed a search beforehand) if in typical Aussie style we  are about 2 weeks too late on these limited editions     I don't usually give two hoots about...
  4. Gwarmi

    Angle & Curve ~ another new headphone player in the market

       All the way from the UK comes 'Angle & Curve' ~ anyone heard these yet?    Priced at 60 pounds (approx. $95USD)     They're designed in-house by the firm's own audio engineers, designers and DJs, based in London's  Covent Garden. "The Classic offers all the advantages and...
  5. Gwarmi

    The long lost Beyerdynamic DT 990 600ohm Fan Club

         Did my best to try and dig up an 'Owners Club' or 'Fan Club' for this much ignored headphone from  Beyerdynamic - mine are barely 24 hours old or so, still burning them in, although they sound great  just out of the box.    I feel that these represent stunning value if you fancy...
  6. Gwarmi

    Fiio E9 *The Big Users Guide* ~ The 10 x headphone round-up ~ How does yours stack-up with the E9? <pictures inside>

        This review came about after seeing countless posts and debate over what this little wonder amplifier known as the 'Fiio E9' supposedly 'can' and 'cannot' do.   I decided to set out to my local audio store for myself and see how it would handle a bruising 4 hour audition with 8 x...
  7. Gwarmi

    Audiophilleo shipment lands in Melbourne ~ It's here!

       Just a heads-up for anyone who is looking improve their current DAC performance by way of one of  the best USB to SPDIF converters currently on the market at any price    The Audiophilleo 1 & 2    Addicted to Audio has landed a shipment of both models and will begin to ship orders...
  8. Gwarmi

    Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

         Just thought we'd get a corner of Head-Fi going for all Aussie and Kiwi Head-Fier matters,    (Read: Free up the main headphone forum for our late night ramblings while our North American   and European friends are asleep)    Figure this little thread could be a chance to...
  9. Gwarmi

    Woo Audio comes to Melbourne for all Australian Head-Fiers

         This announcement will no doubt excite some tube loving Aussie Head-Fiers..    Woo Audio is coming to Addicted to Audio in Melbourne.    The current range of headphone amplifers on offer all the way from New York, USA includes...
  10. Gwarmi

    STAX comes to Melbourne for all Australian Head-Fiers

         Hey all,    Thought some of you may have been growing weary of trying to source this elusive Japanese headphone  make from overseas to Australia yourselves, and that's even before you have to deal with the step-down  converters!    Addicted to Audio in Kew, Melbourne have...
  11. Gwarmi

    Newspaper front page news ~ Are headphones escape from reality or death trap?

        Believe it or not this made the front page from today ~ the most popular newspaper in Melbourne.   I love this quote though.     He admits that, like any status symbol, headphone wearers get judged on their brand - with homage paid to high-end cans.    ''I...
  12. Gwarmi

    It's the new style ~ ALO Audio SXC 22awg bracelet

        Good for a laugh    It was a freebie from a local retailer who came back from Can-Jam ~ yes, plenty of strange looks on the tram home..        
  13. Gwarmi

    Head gear audition room in Melbourne, Australia *Pictures*

       Hey all,    Took some shots down at 'Addicted to Audio' today after a lengthy audition, thought  most of you would like to see some of the hardware available for audition anytime  you're in Melbourne, Kew.           Official Sennheiser HD800 audition stand  ...
  14. Gwarmi

    2011 Australian Hi-Fi Show (Head-Gear) !!Warning!! Lots of pictures

      Just posting up some pictures from the final day in Melbourne for the Australian Hi-Fi show this year.   Event took place at the Marriot Hotel in the heart of the city across 3 levels, took over 3 hours to cover everything. I will post the rest of the stereo Hi Fi gear for anyone...
  15. Gwarmi

    Phillips-O'Neill Stretch Headphones ~ New

      Here's another publicity collaboration between Phillips and surfwear label O'Neill.   Reportedly a heap of recognized surfers are now being ask to promote these 'a la Beats' in the media spotlight.   They've just hit the shelves here in Australia at $99.95AUD.   Here's an...
  16. Gwarmi

    Yahoo UK - '5 of the best headphones' on the market..

      This should make for interesting discussion..   Yahoo source   <transcript below>     We’re showing their RRPs but a quick search of the internet can find much cheaper deals. Best premium - Sennheiser MM550 Travel - £349.99 There's very little these cans can't do and...
  17. Gwarmi

    AKG K601 to go the way of the dodo?

      Just a shout out if anyone else feels that AKG might cut the K601 in the near future from the product line.   This thought crossed my mind by chance after stumbling upon some online retailers that are now for no apparent reason 'no longer listing this item'.   It might make sense...
  18. Gwarmi

    Little Dot 1+ Hybrid and AKG K601

         Hello all,    Just wanted to ask if anyone is using the Little Dot 1+ Hybrid with the AKG K601's?    I've read a few posts relating to the lower impedance K701 / K702 but no real impressions with the K601.    Thanks,
  19. Gwarmi

    Counterpoint model # CHA1 Headphone Amplifier?

           Anyone else heard of this amplifier? It's my one and only amp, originally sourced from 'Audiophile' down here in Melbourne who  happens to be Australia's only Grado distributor. So far I've been really happy with it for $200 AUD (used demo model)    I suspect that it's a bit...