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  1. soundboy

    New budget modern stereo receiver or used pretty high rated rotel receiver?

    The difference between a receiver and an integrated amp is that the receiver has an AM/FM tuner. How important is the tuner is up to the user. It is assumed that a stereo integrated amp is better build and has better parts than a stereo receiver. Dependent on where the OP is from, the Onkyo...
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    Hello from an old timer

    Newbie!! I joined April 2, 2003!!
  3. soundboy

    Groovers & Universal Music Introduced 24/96 FLAC microSD albums in Hong Kong. Now available at Astell&Kern retailers!

    I wonder how the microSDs compare to their respective SACD versions?
  4. soundboy

    How do you collect music?

    My music only comes in CDs and SACDs.
  5. soundboy

    Do you own a vintage CD player? (pics please!)

      Then you need some K2 CD to play on 'em machines....  
  6. soundboy

    Official 2014 Bay Area Meet - SUNDAY - Feb 16th, 2014

    Something always comes up at the last moment. Can't make it today. :mad:
  7. soundboy

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Long time since I posted in this thread....although I continue to load up on CDs (and SACDs)  
  8. soundboy

    Official 2014 Bay Area Meet - SUNDAY - Feb 16th, 2014

    I'd like to come as well.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to bring anything since I am in the middle of a move and everything is in storage.  But, please, add me.
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

  10. soundboy

    Oppo shows prototype of headphone amp/DAC/pre-amp

    Go to the middle of page....
  11. soundboy

    R.I.P Annette Funicello

    Who can forget Annette.  I hope she's finally found peace.    RIP
  12. soundboy

    CD Players - Remember Them?

    Remember them?  That's all I use....other than my universal players.
  13. soundboy

    What is your job in real life?

    Quote:   Quote:   Sorry about the late reply.  I am a government regulatory analyst, currently involved in the licensing and compliance of telecommunication companies.  Previously, I worked on one of those surcharges that are at the bottom of everyone's phone bills.     Quote...
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

  15. soundboy

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Japan-for-USA CD pressings     West Germany-for-USA CD pressing     New music from Mr. Mister  
  16. soundboy

    30 years of CDs

    Quote:   I seriously dount there will be any new developments of a new physical music format.  Therefore, SACD (as a strictly music format) was the end of the line.  You can say Elvis has left the building....although he's coming to SACD in December 2012 and January 2013.
  17. soundboy

    30 years of CDs

    Quote:   Long boxes were always made of cardboard, as far as I recall.  I think you are talking about the plastic jewel cases.  Some releases on CD went from the plastic jewel cases to digipak, the cardboard packaging with the plastic tray that holds the CD.  Personally, I hate the digipak.
  18. soundboy

    30 years of CDs

    Quote:   Long boxes are unique to CDs released in the US.  I still have a factory-sealed CD of INXS' "Listen Like Thieves" in its long box.
  19. soundboy

    30 years of CDs

    Quote:   Even if it's opened, that Beatles Abbey Road CD is till worth $$$.  It's certainly on my "want" list.   Some of you may know that I'm a CD collector.  While I didn't start buying CDs until 1987 or so, I have gone back and start collecting CDs that were made in the beginning...
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    Quote:   I did that too when my local Target decided to clear out its Sony MD blanks.
  21. soundboy

    Elvis on sacd?

    I'll pick up both "24 Karat Hits" and "Elvis Is Back!" on SACD.   I got the DCC 24K gold CD of "24 Karat Hits" already.
  22. soundboy

    Miles Davis' Kind of Blue FLAC/ALAC?

    The recent K2HD CD version always has received positive response at
  23. soundboy


    Quote: In case you don't know, Hong Kong Sony Music just released SACD of Joanna Wang's latest album.  Under $20.00 from   Your post reminded me to pick up SACD of Susan Wong's 511 SACD  
  24. soundboy

    Picked up a Technics turntable for $8, what can you tell me about it?

    If everything works as it should, then it's a great price.  The Technics is a great "starter turntable".  It uses a P-mount cartridge, so there's no adjustments of any kind to make.  It's truly a "plug and play" unit.  Aside from that, get more records.   Btw, I owned the Technics SL-BD20, a...