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  1. Fink24

    SOLD: Forza Audioworks Claire 2.5mm TRRS to 4-Pin XLR cable

    I am selling here my 20cm long Forza Audioworks Claire cable with 2.5mm TRRS to 4-Pin XLR connectors. Ideal for connecting balanced headphones to Astell&Kern DAP's (or other DAP's, that use the same socket) Original price: 69 € Sales price: 40 €
  2. Fink24

    SOLD: Brainwavz HM5 angled Hybrid & Leather Pads

    I am selling here my angled Brainwavz HM5 hybrid & genuine leather pads. I did use them with my Hifiman HE-500 headphones, but don't have any use for them now. Original price: 70 € Sales price: 30 €
  3. Fink24

    SOLD: LQI 2.5mm TRRS to Dual XLR 3-Pin Cable

    I am selling here my LQI Cables 2.5mm TRRS to Dual XLR 3-Pin in 7 feet length. I used it to connect my DAP to my stationary amplifier. It is in like new condition and since I have my Yggy, I use my Astell&Kern DAP just as a digital source so I decided to sell this cable. Original price incl...
  4. Fink24

    Aesopica Case for Astell & Kern AK320 + Amp

    I am selling a handmade genuine leather case for the Astell & Kern AK320 + Amp from Aesopica. (The Astell & Kern amp is also for sale if you are interested)
  5. Fink24

    Sold: Shure SE-535 incl. bluetooth cable; like new

    I’m selling my Shure SE-535 in bronze. The SE-535 is about 3 months old and in mint condition. All accessories are included. In addition, the Shure BT-1 Bluetooth cable with integrated microphone is included (unopened) New price: 448€ Selling price: 249€
  6. Fink24

    Sold: Hifiman HE-6 with HE-350 Body & Forza Cable

    I am selling my HE-6. I replaced the old body with the body of an HE-350, which greatly improves comfort and the paint on the HE-350 body is also much more resistant to fingerprints compared to the paint of the HE-6 body. The original body and cable is of course included. (I attached the...
  7. Fink24

    SOLD Kennerton Odin - Sapele Wood

    I am selling here my Kennerton Odin headphone with polished sapele wood. The Odin was bought in June and is still under warranty. All accessories that come with the Odin are included. (Stand is not included) The wooden case has a small crack (see photo).
  8. Fink24

    SOLD : Focal Listen

    I'm selling here my Focal Listen in great condition.
  9. Fink24

    SOLD : Hifiman HE-400i

    I’m selling my Hifiman HE-400i in great condition. It is the new version with the 2.5mm connectors. Thanks to the removed back plate, the new version sound also more open. Retail price: 579€ Selling price: 309€
  10. Fink24

    Hifiman Focus Pads

    I am selling a pair of Hifiman Focus Pads in great condition.  They are from a HE-400i and are hardly used. These pads are the ideal upgrade for the HE-350, HE-400, HE-400s, HE-500, etc.   Price: 29€   Shipping within Europe preferred, but worldwide is also possible
  11. Fink24

    LH Labs Geek Out 450 DAC/AMP

    I offer a Geek Out 450 DAC/AMP from LH Labs in great condition. It is an excellent DAC, which can power most headphones with ease.   Price: 99€ (MSRP $199)   Shipping within Europe preferred, but worldwide is also possible
  12. Fink24

    ifi iPurifier 2 - Active Asynch USB Purifier

    I offer an iPurifier 2 from ifi in mint condition.   Shipping within Europe preferred, but worldwide is also possible
  13. Fink24

    Whiplash Audio TWcu V3 Red 2-Pin IEM cable with 2.5mm balanced connector

    I offer here a beautifully crafted TWcu V3 Red Cotton 2-Pin IEM cable from Whiplash Audio. It is 122cm/48 inches long and has a 2.5mm balanced connector (used by Astell & Kern, Onkyo, Fiio, etc) I bought it in September at MusicaAcoustics for $248.   Price: 159€   Shipping within Europe...
  14. Fink24

    ifi nano iDSD

    I am selling my ifi nano iDSD. It was purchased on November 30, 2015, is fully functional and is now sold, because it was replaced by the micro iDAC2. Visually, the ifi has small signs of usage on the top, otherwise it is in very good condition.   Price: 149 € Original price: € 225    ...