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  1. zchen

    Need recommendation for a closed can in $150~$300 range

    Hi guys, been bitten by the I want a new toy bug. Need recommendation for a headphone in the $150~300 range that is closed, over the ear, comfortable (HD580 level), and different in sound signature from my Sennheiser HD 580 and HD280 pro (I'm happy with the HD 580, just want to get something...
  2. zchen

    IC: Sennheiser HD280Pro + HD497

    Thinking of parting with these to fund towards AT A900 and a new source. Both still have original box, manual, 1/4" adapters. Since I got HD580 very soon after purchasing them, they were not used as much. The 280's cords are still wrapped in the original plasitc packging, close to mint. The...
  3. zchen

    please help me decide on a source to buy

    Anyone here know an online place where one can order the sony ce775 for less than $200? Tried my local best buy today, but they don't have any(I'm in westminster, CA by the way)... maybe there are other options, I could order ns500v, or buy the nc650(1 unit at local place last time I...