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  1. Zinte

    JH5 treble rolloff

    Hi guys. I previously owned a TF10, and recently switched to a JH5. I really miss the extended treble on the TF10, which is missing in my JH5. Is there anything I can do about it? Any mobile amps to reccommend to extend the treble? Or will changing the cable help? What else can help me extending...
  2. Zinte

    IEMs with bass quantity close to that of IE7?

    Hi, i just tried the IE7, liked the bass very much. What other IEMs can produce the same amount of bass or more? Im very worried that i might get a pair of IEMs only to find out that the bass can barely be heard. Please advice and reccommend some IEMs that have a good amount of bass like the...
  3. Zinte

    Need recommendations

    Hi guys, just joined the forum and i need some recommendations for a good pair of In Ears. I need a good amount of bass that doesnt overwhelm the mids and highs much, and decent sound isolation.   Currently looking seriously at the Monster turbines or Tour, but as i read up more on Head Fi...