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  1. mojoman

    35 Year Old Ends Affair with Music

    A little tongue-in-cheek from the Onion but it could happen.
  2. mojoman

    Sony and BMG to merge

    I just saw that Sony and BMG plan to merge. This could be good news for all the BMG music club members if we can now get access to the Sony music catalog. Maybe even some SACDs will included in the selection. So what do you think, is this a good thing or a bad thing about to happen?
  3. mojoman

    Drive By Truckers

    About a year ago I was at a local audio shop checking out some speakers. It was a slow day and the sales rep and I got to talking about bands we liked. He said his favorite band was the Drive By Truckers. I pretty much forgot about this until I read a review of Decoration Day, the DBT latest cd...
  4. mojoman

    FS: Alessandro MS-1 and Headroom Airhead

    I have the following for sale: Alessandro/Grado Music Series 1 with mini plug termination. I've had these for about 3 months and they are pretty much mint. Asking $80.00 for these. I have the orignial packaging for these. Headroom Airhead (orignial Airhead with 2 AA batteries) with...