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    Please suggest headphones and amps for review...

    Hi There headphone fanatics. I am in the process of compiling a list of headphones and headphone amplifiers (with USB a must) to review for I greatly enjoy headphone listening and I am currently on a year to two year assignment teaching in China and I felt this was the best...
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    Sony MDRV500 Headphones question

    I recently purchased a sandisc MP3 player which has been quite good. It came with the usual terirble headphones but gave me the chance to try the Shure E2 like in ear headphones. Anyway, I went and paid $40.00 which I set as my budget for an upgraded Panasonic set but they were no better...
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    Tube amps in Vancouver

    Quote: Originally Posted by tilt Thanks! I just wish thier site showed actual inventory, not just manufacture links. Soundhunds IMO is the best dealer I've been to - certainly better than the main ones in Vancouver. As for what they carry - well it helps to know what you're...
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    Tube amps in Vancouver

    Your best bet is Soundhounds in Victoria -- They also carry a number of products not listend on their site and pretty big used section. They're two main tube lines are Antque Sound Labs for budget minded audiophiles and who want higher power Push Pull -- Audio...
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    Need portable headphone amp with DAC for HD 600.

    The stereophile review says they work better with high impedence headphones (which the HD 600s are) and the Head room site advertises the bithead and one picture has the Senns on top -- LOL guess I should have looked at their advert before posting that part here. Still some may have direct...
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    Need portable headphone amp with DAC for HD 600.

    Hi. I have posted this on AA but this forum makes more sense. I am going to be living in Korea for a year and I am going to be buying a big external hard drive and loading all my cds on it in WMA lossless. I have a laptop that has three USB ports. Anyway money is going to be relativley tight...
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    Monster Cable Power Filter PC1000 for $60.00

    philodox I'm in the same boat as you...I went to Futureshop and the HTS 1000 is $249.00. Frankly, I am not interested in the surge protector portion because all of that is a big pile of snake-oil...home owners insurance will cover lightning strikes though you'll be out the $500.00...
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    Sugden Headmaster with HD600???

    Unfortunately I'm limited to tubes sold at this site. If I roder from the US I get killed on shipping and Duty. Right now I have the Stock Tesla, EI Yugo and a Russian Sovtek LPS. I'm also still running the Stock Russian Sovtek EL84s.
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    Sugden Headmaster with HD600???

    What are your thoughts? I'm considering making a two-fold upgrade here. The Sugden is considered an excellent preamp and I would use it to upgrade the pream section of my Arcam Delta 290 integrated(the weak part of the Arcam is the pre amp section). I currently have the MG head DT. What would...
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    Opening Shots: SACD vs. Vinyl

    Sounds like you need a new needle. Mayb a better cartridge. SACD still sounds like digital. It's more the revamped recordings than anything about the technology IMO. SACD's biggest advantage and IMO the ONLY advantage is the utilization of multi channel high resolution sound. Yet I see...
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    Sugden owners- bought a used A48B

    I was initially looking for a power amp and then connect my MG head DT up as a preamp. But when I was in getting a new Shure M97xE cart I stumbled upon a used Sugden A48B. Since it's the model that also includes a phono stage, and I like the tubeish sound I fell for it. ompared it directly...
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    Reccommendations for a good, cheap phono cartidge?

    I upgraded my Goldring Elektra that came with My NAD 533(a Rega 2) to a Shure M97xE. around $90.00US The best bit is that it is IDENTICAL to the V15VxMR except for the stylus. So you can buy the V15VxMR Stylus down the road as an upgrade...
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    OTL/Trans switch on the ASL MG Head OTL

    Hey don't stand for that. If the thing doesn't balance right and the faceplate is incorrect then maybe the inside has problems. I have the non OTL version and it it is dead quiet and very solidly built. You have to realise that this amp is ASL's biggest seller contantly on backorder and...
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    MG Head OTL arrived today

    Glad to hear you like it. I've had my MG Head DT for a year and it sounds does improve over time. I'm still on the stock Russian Sovtek power tubes. I live in Canada and buying in the US makes it difficult because the broker fees/shipping and minimum orders some of these...
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    Radioshack "Little Rat"

    I have one, it's a good little unit, quite solid. Unfortunately the 20 year old Dual Turntable died. Actually I killed it. The RCA jacks were corroded and I cut them off, and put new ones on...No Sound. I've done something wrong. I need a new turntable anyway.
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    So... What's with the lack of a headphone socket?

    Higher end preamps don't typically have all the extra degrading switches. If you have an amp with a DIRECT button you will notice a difference when it's on and when it's off...even if all the tone and balance controls are flat. The difference is noticeable, and as good as the Direct button is...
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    HD570 - HD580 - HD590?????

    I personnally think the 600 is the best can under 1K CDN. Since the 580 is the closest in sound to the's my second choice. The 590 is a bit bright IMO...and for some strange reason you have to pay more for it? I'd go with the 580 ... even with a receiver's headphone jack...that is...
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    do bryston preamps have good headphone sections

    Get the Bryston and try out ASLs add on UHC Signature to convert the Bryston. I have never tried it but it's a new product from Antique Sound Labs.
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    Arrived today: HD 600

    Congratulations...I too love my HD600s. As for cables...well I've never heard a difference between any cable in any system ever. Assuming the gauge is the same and they are reasonably shielded... I would not pay a lot for cables. Actually, I'm not totally truthful. I heard a set of very...
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    So, the Grado/MG Head combo just got slammed

    I agree with shivohum I listened to the Head DT(non OTL) with the RS2. Fantastic...certainly better than ANY SS amp I've heard from Grado, Creek etc. Indeed, it was the best I've heard a grado sound.
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    hd-590 or the hd-600 for rock music

    I actually think the 580 is a much better headphone than the 590...and it's cheaper to boot. The 600 is the best of the the matter what the recording...the 600 is as close as it gets to electrostatic in anywhere near this price range...the trick is that bass on so many recordings are...
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    My HD 600s have arrived [in need of amp]

    After three years of looking and listening I came up witht the HD600 and the ASL MG Head DT(they now offer an OTL version). This set-up is the best under 1kCDN set-up I've herd...which is why I bought it. The headphones beat anything in their does the the MG Head is a...
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    Buying a source

    Stay away from older CD players. Nothing against HK but they are notorious for a high failure rate in their cd players. Also, HK was never brilliant to begin with. Now if you're talking used cd players and you can get a 2 year old 1k Rega Planet for $150.00 then you might have something. For...
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    HD600...why do they frustrate me so?

    I've had the 600s for about 4 months now...but before I bought I was listening to them in stores for 2 years leading up. With My Arcam running the 600s I was not all that enamoured...with the MG Head I am now genuinely happy with the performance. I'm surprised about comments involving a...
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    MG Head DT as a preamp...A success!!!

    Darkclouds... Works with either one...I guess the smaller socket is the 1/8 jack. I bought a basic gold plated Headphone to RCA jack cable $30.00CDN at radioshack...Voila...that simple. Then to the power amp out on the Integrated(which means the Integrated acts as the power amp). I now...