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  1. mojoman

    Device to record music/interviews

    You might look at the Zoom H4 Zoom H4 from! I have a friend that use one to record music and lectures and is happy with it.
  2. mojoman

    Good blues piano music??

    You might try: Otis Span - Last Call - this is a live album Pinetop Perkins - Live at Antone's or Live at 85 Ann Rabson - In A Family Way Roosevelt Sykes - The Honeydripper - this is killer Prof. Longhair and Dr. John are also favorites Any Rod Piazza and The Mighty Flyers album that...
  3. mojoman

    Blues with prominent SAX

    Dick Heckstall-Smith is a sax player who had a big contribution to British blues. Check out his cd Blues and Beyond. Another recommendation is Sinner Street by Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers. Killer guitar and sax all in one package.
  4. mojoman

    Is Rock n Roll almost dead?

    I agree with you Coltrane. I gave up a long time ago trying to understand why people like the music they do or trying to influence anyone's taste in music. You are so right that what's popular or played on the radio has nothing much to do with anything when discussing music. In a couple...
  5. mojoman

    Want some more Great Sounding Blues?

    I've found most of the stuff on Telarc is pretty well done. A few I'd recommend as being excellent blues and good recording quality: Whiskey Story - Jimmy Thackery and Tab Benoit -a fav of mine Homesick for the Road - Tab Benoit/Debbie Davies/Kenny Neal Healing Time - Ronnie Earl Hell or...
  6. mojoman

    Our universe is so beautiful...

    Quote: Originally Posted by john_jcb Does anyone know if they are going ahead with the repair and upgrades to the Hubble telescope? Yes, that mission was recently approved. It makes the Hubble functional through 2013 I believe.
  7. mojoman

    Looking for new acoustic rock

    try Tesla's Five Man Acoustical Jam - live cd, all heavy rock acoustic, a great cd.
  8. mojoman

    Any love for G. Love?

    I agree that G-Love is more blues funk than hip-hop. I'm kind of partial to Philadelphonic as a favorite G-Love cd.
  9. mojoman

    TAYLOR 810 guitar

    Quote: Originally Posted by plainsong ......but it takes a good bit longer to get to know an individual instrument. .....You could even say that with a really good instrument, that process never really stops. This is so true. I've been playing my HD-28 for 25 years and I find...
  10. mojoman

    TAYLOR 810 guitar

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn one last seed of evil tho - since you mentioned Martins, the one to look at is the HD-28, which is the sweet spot of that company. forget the fancy schmancy bigger numbers like the 35, 41 and 45, trust me Agreed about the HD-28. I have a 1980 HD-28...
  11. mojoman

    Motorola RAZR V3i /w iTunes Sound Quality Issues

    Quote: Originally Posted by psynaptic I tried playing sounds using the DAP java app and all I can say its not much better. @mojoman: what headphones did you use the forementioned adapters with? Mostly at work with a old pair of Senns HD-435 Vegas (anybody remember those?). I...
  12. mojoman

    the allman brothers

    Quote: Originally Posted by milesbeyondjazz The Allman Brothers are one of the all time great american rock bands.I was lucky enough to see them live in Charlotte back in the 70s,(while Oakley and Duwane were still alive).It was in a small venue called the Park Center in front of a sold...
  13. mojoman

    Da Vinci Code Movie: MAJOR RANT

    Quote: Originally Posted by PhilS Imagine if you were Jewish and movie was made that depited the Holocaust as false, Hitler as a good guy, and the whole Holocaust "story" being orchestrated by Churchill and Eisehower pursuant to a conspiracy for some nefarious purpose. Would you accept...
  14. mojoman

    Da Vinci Code Movie: MAJOR RANT

    I thought the movie was entertaining and the book was a fun read during last summers vacation. Neither the movie or the book were the best I've ever experienced but by no means the worst. I don't understand why there is so much controversy surrounding the book and movie from the religious...
  15. mojoman

    DBT - A Blessing and a Curse

    The Drive-By Truckers are one of my favorite bands so I picked up A Blessing and A Curse the day it came out. This album is not nearly as thematic as their last three excellent efforts. The songs presented are much more personal and they've moved away from the Southern life fables told on...
  16. mojoman

    The Derek Trucks Band - "Songlines"

    I don't think Derek Trucks has ever sang a note in his life. When Susan Tedeschi played here a couple of months ago I jokingly asked her if Derek could sing. She just laughed. Of course, Susan's singing is good enough for the both of them. There is live recording of the DTB show at the Wanee...
  17. mojoman

    Anyone heard of these Omega 3 speakers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by drarthurwells Anyone know of any other good high efficient speakers for under $1K? These might be worth checking out. I know a couple of people that have them and love them. I've been thinking about a pair for near field listening in a small room...
  18. mojoman

    What do you say to the skeptics?

    Quote: Originally Posted by KenW Actually, I "hide" it in plain view. To her, the gear all looks the same. VCR...headphone amp...doesn't really matter as it's all "electrical junk"and of little interest to her. Hey, she doesn't ask and I don't tell. I do much the same thing...
  19. mojoman

    What Song Are You Using As Your Ring Tone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oski I got a Motorola SLVR over the weekend which ..... So how do you like the SLVR?
  20. mojoman

    New tube adapters from SinglePower

    Does anyone know if these new adaptors will work with a MPX3 configured for 6cg7s? Mine has these silver spacers that stick up an inch or so and I wonder if that will prevent using the 6cg7 -> 5687 adaptors. Can the spacers be removed or are they an integral part of the tube socket? I'd love to...
  21. mojoman

    MPX/PPX Slam vs. non-slam

    Quote: Originally Posted by BrianS silver protruding about an inch Sounds like we have the exact same amp. I'm coming up on two years with mine this July and it still amazes me at times. It would be nice to be able to get some adaptors so I could try some different tubes...
  22. mojoman

    Favorite Music DVD's

    The Band - The Last Waltz Allman Brothers Band - Live at the Beacon Theater Drive By Truckers - Live at the Forty Watt Los Lobos - Live at the Filmore Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs - The Three Pickers Crosby, Stills and Nash - The Acoustic Concert
  23. mojoman

    PLEASE pray for me

    Lisa, I am not a religous person but I will pray for you. You will get through this.
  24. mojoman

    Just bought my First acoustic guitar

    Congrats on the guitar. My first guitar was a Yamaha FG-110. That was a long time ago. It served me well for 3 or 4 years and when I was ready for something better I sold it for about what I paid. When I started playing I had a couple of friends that played and they taught me a lot of the...
  25. mojoman

    No closed phones in league of HD-650 or K701?

    The Beyer DT-250/250 is a very good closed headphone that has a sound similar to the Senns. I think of them as the closed Sennheiser.