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  1. dougli

    FS: Cross-1 Crossfeed Filter

    This unit is in as-new condition, with about 5 hours of time on it. Here is a good review of it: $170 USD plus actual shipping within the U.S.A.
  2. dougli

    FS: Etymotic ER-4S

    In excellent condition with about 10 hours of use. One pair of the white tips has been used and cleaned, and the other tips are all unused. I thought I'd be doing some portable listening, but it's not turning out that way. $215 includes shipping within the U.S.
  3. dougli

    SOLD: Audio-Technica ATH-A1000 headphones

    In as-new condition, with about 75 hours of listening time on them. With original box and everything that came with them. These have no pivot cracks or any sign of this problem, and have always been well-cared for. Reason for selling? Yep, my ears are just too big for these guys too (that was...
  4. dougli

    microZOTL a good match with NAD C541i?

    Has anyone heard these two together? I'm wondering if this combination is more amp than source. I'm thinking of getting the microZOTL as my first tube amp, and I think I'll wait if I'll need to also get a better source to realize this amp's potential.
  5. dougli


    SuperGiraffe bought my W1000s. Everything went smoothly. His emails were clear and prompt. His payment arrived as promised, when promised. I definitely recommend him as a buyer.
  6. dougli

    Audio-Technica ATH-A900 on sale at Audio Cubes

    Just received an email from them saying that these headphones are now $189 USD instead of $199.
  7. dougli

    SOLD: Audio-Technica W1000

    Well, I gambled and I lost. These don't fit my overly large ears very well, and are just too uncomfortable for me to keep. They are brand new - I've just burned them in for about 54 hours. And they sound so darn good, too... $330 plus shipping in the U.S. Paypal 3% additional. Original...
  8. dougli

    Female-voiced metal of all types

    I've been hanging out in this forum (and the Darkest Desires threads) for a while as I explore the bands that make this broad category of music. I don't know how many others share this recently-found passion of mine (DarkAngel plus???), but I'm open to any suggestions you all may have for music...
  9. dougli

    A Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas

    Just got back from Trans-Siberian Orchestra's concert here in Portland. See them if you get a chance; it's an amazing performance. Christmas songs never sounded (and looked) like this before. Kind of a cross between a funky Metallica and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. That may sound odd, but they...
  10. dougli

    Sale Pending: Pioneer Monitor 10R headphones

    $90.00 plus shipping, within the U.S. I just don't need closed phones any more, it seems, so here are my remaining ones, up for sale. Excellent condition, with about 50 hours of listening on them.
  11. dougli

    FS: Behringer GEQ3102 equalizer and cables

    31-band graphic equalizer with input adjustments plus high cut and low cut. Used about 5 months. $135. Carver cables for this EQ. 1 pair 6' RCA-to-XLR male and 1 pair 6' RCA-to-XLR female. $55 for both sets when purchased with the EQ. Will sell EQ without the cables, but not the cables by...
  12. dougli

    FS: Ultrasone HFI-650

    Like new, having had about 50 hours of listening enjoyment. A good closed phone, suitable for home or portable use. $100 plus shipping. I'm selling these cans because I hardly ever listen with closed phones, so two sets are too many. And since nobody has taken the Pioneer 10R off my hands...
  13. dougli

    Ultrasone HFI-650 revisited

    These phones now have about 48 hours of burnin, so I thought I'd see how they sound. Sound path was from a Sony DVP-NS500V DVD player through a Behringer GEQ-3102 equalizer, a Meier Analoguer, and a Corda Blue amp. Unfortunately, there were some background conversations in the room. Also keep in...
  14. dougli

    Ultrasone HFI-650: first impressions

    These cans have about 8 hours of burnin, and so far I'm pleasantly surprised. They're doing pretty well at this point. I would place them ahead of the other closed phones that I've listened to for an extended period of time: the Ultrasone HFI-600, the Pioneer 10R, and the Beyer DT770 and DT831...
  15. dougli

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT831

    As new condition, with box. Have about 50 hours on them. Considered by many to be the best closed phones. $115 plus shipping and any money transfer fee.
  16. dougli

    CD player upgrade question

    I'm thinking of replacing the Toshiba SD-2705 DVD player that I use for headphone listening with a CD player like the Denon DCM-370, but I'm not sure exactly why. I just have this feeling that a better quality (read higher priced) CD player will sound better. I listen to regular CD's; nothing...
  17. dougli

    ATH W-100 - still good after break in is "over"?

    Most of the posts on the Audio Technica W-100 phones talk about how their sound improves after many (60-100) hours of breakin. So I'm wondering, how do they sound after many more hours of use past the "break in point", whatever that is? Yes, I know, headphone break in itself is...
  18. dougli

    Recomendations for female vocalists?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions for music by female vocalists, any style, that's especially good for headphone listening. Thanks.