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  1. Mallow005


    Bought a powercord off insomniac, shipped very quickly and in perfect shape. me happy.
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    Toshiba 3950 power supply mods (with pics)

    Did all the mods in this thread except the brown dog adapter (didn't want to try my luck again). The differences are definitely there, but I wish there were some comparisons done to other players as to just how good it is. It's definitely showing me the limits of my Meta42 though, and that...
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    WTB: SACDs

    Vivaldi - Four Seasons Yo-Yo Ma - Silk Road Journies (highly recommended) Beck - Sea Changes Miles Davis - Kind of Blue No longer have an SACD player so I'll have to let these go.
  4. Mallow005

    New Nick Drake rarities collection coming

    I think way to blue is just a best of. What tracks of these were previously unreleased?
  5. Mallow005

    Philips DVD963SA $219

    The british flag is commonly used to mean the "english" language, not necessarily where they are based.
  6. Mallow005

    a question for anyone with radiohead's "ok computer"

    It's annoying because there are infinitely worse recordings out there that people still enjoy. For example, The Beatles, most things from the 60's, 70's, and misc other modern recordings. OK Computer isn't that bad and is perfectly listenable.
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    playing back "Loveless"

    haven't listened to it yet. We have an all vintage setup, Technics SL-10 turntable with some crappy AT cartridge (20 bucks), Marantz 2238 reciever (which has slowly been dying on us), and Advent Larger Loudspeakers (a landmark set of speakers from 68, repaired by us). We have a few records that...
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    Love-- Forever Changes

    Yar I picked up the remastered Forever Changes and have it on 180 gram vinyl too. I want to get the live concert but it's so damn expensive!
  9. Mallow005

    a question for anyone with radiohead's "ok computer"

    It is "I may be paranoid, but no android", not "not an android".
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    playing back "Loveless"

    I have the reissue LP. I also have the CD. I also have Spiritualized CDs. That's it.
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    The State of Radiohead's Union

    Thom Yorke pretentious? Attend a show and you will see that they certainly are not. HTTT certainly is a culmination of everything Radiohead ever did and has many classic songs. Nothing can beat the live versions however. Giving an album a number is just wrong to me. And if not wrong, then...
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    Headphones for classical music

    Vocals and classical? W1000s simply amaze. When I listen to classical and vocal music with them I'm reminded of their strengths. Even with my unsuitable setup, classical sounds so right with these, where in rock and other types of music I can find flaws. That's not to say the W1000s sound bad...
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    Linux - XMMS - Laptop and Sennheiser HD580 - AWESOME!!!

    I'm a gentoo user... never thought to compare windows to linux in terms of sound. We have a completely vintage setup in our living room, except for our CD player/mp3 player/movie player we have a laptop with linux installed. Unfortunately ALSA doesn't have recording support for Maestro 3...
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    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    Mew - Frengers
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    CD's You Know You "Should" Like but Dont?

    Classical is absolutely awesome if you get the right performer/piece/recording. I took a class on Western Music and it really showed me how complex classical is, much more so than most rock. Radiohead actually has some orchestral qualities in that sense.
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    CD's You Know You "Should" Like but Dont?

    Ummm... Grandaddy - Sumday I mean... it's OK... but they just sound so much like The Flaming Lips but worse. And all those Radiohead albums. Man, I know I should like all of them... but I just... I just... oh wait, I do. No... wait... I love them! How bout that.
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    SACD Mini-Reviews: Contribute!

    I second DSOTM (except mine is cracking in the middle... and will soon explode ) and Beck - Sea Change (haven't tried multi-channel). I can also recommend Yo Yo Ma - Silk Road Journeys, a wide variety of instruments an they all come across very well. The vocals especially. I really want Lets...
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    Your ratio music vs hardware

    I'm at about 3:1 in favor of music. I'm down to tweaking my stuff and doing cheap mods, but will most likely upgrade my source and amp at least once more after I get a job. The difference will probably be about 200-300 dollars, and by then I'm sure I'd have bought more than that in CDs fi I have...
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    Burning in your new phones: fact or fantasy?

    I was a bit skeptical of burn in, my first pair of (ear)phones were the ER6s. Though I thought I could detect improvement over a long time, that could easily be explained by the psychological aspect. Then I got my HP890s to have some full sized computer phones. Again, I thought I could detect...
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    Good bands that people have forgotten about.

    Ride The Stone Roses Jeff Buckley (?), not sure if many people here even know of him, based on my Jeff Buckley post The Verve, why the hell does everyone think Bittersweet Symphony was their best song??? It was far from it, so many great songs...
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    New White Stripes-- 5 stars in Rolling Stone

    Listened to Elephant in the background at a friend's house, sounds like a strong album. He mentioned that everything in the studio was no older than 1967 or 69, can't remember, still sounded good to me. I'm picking it up as soon as I start buying CDs again (not broke).
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    Jeff Buckley

    I haven't listened to any of Tim's stuff, except in this documentary on Jeff. They sound so much alike. My friend burned me a copy of "Precious", the Ours album. Very similar but a far cry from the genius that is Buckley. If Grace came out on SACD it would make me break my resolution not to buy...