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  1. snoop


    I bought a Meier Audio Prehead from him (sweet!). It arrived promptly and very well-packaged. Thanks. Snoop
  2. snoop


    Sold Shure E2Cs to him. Great transaction, thanks. Snoop
  3. snoop


    I bought a Sharp MT770 MD recorder from 3Double. It arrived promptly, well-packaged, and just as described. He even threw in 3 blank discs! Thanks. Snoop
  4. snoop

    Shure E5 Hiss

    You're welcome. Murasame and Lindrone, maybe you can compare them to the Ety's again. I'd be interested to know how they compare now.
  5. snoop

    Shure E5 Hiss

    Hi, I'm more of a lurker around here, but I thought I'd pass along a useful discovery: you can eliminate the hiss by using the 120-ohm adapter from Meier Audio.
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