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  1. backspace119

    The CMoy++ ==With 3D printed case==

    I finally got all the parts I wanted for the base model of my CMoy++ so I started to prototype it out on a board from RadioShack. (I'll borrow a friends camera to show how it looks later) It's basically a CMoy with a real ground, buffered outputs, bass boost, and a DC jack for charging the...
  2. backspace119

    Cmoy Buffered outputs using NJM 4556AD

    My opamps that I had ordered (OPA2134PA and NJM 4556AD) came recently and so I have been tampering with my CMoy again. I tried both and found that the 4556 worked much better for my purposes (low impedance headphones with a bass boost circuit implemented) the only issue was, with the bass boost...
  3. backspace119

    Stacking opamps by using Quads.

    I bought some quad opamps today to play with and after jamming a little bit after configuring the first two amps up as a normal setup I decided I would try to "stack" the amp by wiring the corresponding inpus/outputs to the ones on the amps already wired (all this was done on a breadboard so it...
  4. backspace119

    CMoy major issues! At a complete loss at this point! Need Help!

    Let me begin with an apology to all the good people here that put up with me. I know I've posted a lot about this CMoy of mine but at this point I wouldn't be posting unless I had already worked on the thing for the past 6 hours to no avail.   It was working fine earlier today I finally got...
  5. backspace119

    Need an explanation of potential causes of DC Offset.

    I built a CMoy because I am noobish. One channel has 36mv of DC offset and the other has 8mv. True the Opamp in it is about 5000 levels below sub par (have a nice BB coming in the mail soon) but I'd like to know if there is anything other than the amp that could be at fault here (the amp is a...