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  1. ofb

    not an altoids tin..

    but another meta42 in the world. many thanks to tangent et al, the forum, the web, etc etc, for making a first electronics project easy. this one is populated with stock digikey and tangent parts. i simply selected what was better for an ac version, or better any time it was only a...
  2. ofb

    rectifier bridge basics

    okay, this is a classic case of the eraser wearing out before the pencil, so i'd best ask for help. i'm looking at the circuit diagram for the SDS psu and its pcb. i'm trying to understand how the circuit relates to the legs of the...
  3. ofb

    101 level parts question

    i'm muddling my way through parts for a meta42. doing fairly well for the lost, thanks to headwize/head-fi/tangentsoft/et al, but i've run into a stumbling block with parts selection where the needed caps are obsolete, like C1 through C8 for the SDS psu. i'm fairly sure P4125-ND is the part...
  4. ofb

    fool question on switches

    i figure i'm missing a basic truth and hope someone will enlighten me. i want to make a simple switchbox that requires a single throw and six poles. i figured such a switch would likely be rotary for hardware simplicity, but since digikey only carries up to 4p, i now suspect i'm just asking the...