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  1. theREALsean


    Are all Y-splitters (one 1/8"male to two 1/8") created the same? Is there much of a noticable difference between the two? sean
  2. theREALsean

    portable speakers

    Not everyone wants to hog all the good tunes to themselves when they are out and about with friends, family, and enemies. That is why I am thinkin' a set (of two) of speakers would be nice. I am looking for something easy to drive, light (as in weight), has a headphone jack on the front and...
  3. theREALsean

    Boostaroo comments, again

    Hey, I am considering buying a boostaroo amp. Well, I am going to. I just want to know what to expect. It will be used with my iPod and a set of Koss PortaPros. Many of you audiophreaks (justin kiddin') say its the worst invention and you should use a $75+ amp on a pair of $20 headphone for...
  4. theREALsean

    Grado SR60

    Hello, I would like to know what people think about the Grado SR60 cans. Actually, do me a favor and list your top three and your low three cans you have ever owned. I am looking into getting a pair over $30 but under $200. Please help a loser like me out. I should let you know what I would...
  5. theREALsean

    headphone amp for iPod/car

    Hello surfers, I have a 20GB iPod and I love it...who wouldn't?! I have no fancy car that allows me to plug in any type of audio cables so I use the tape deck with the tape deck thingy...I can't remember what its called right now. I turn the volume up a decent amount on the...