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  1. Matt

    Clip+ Mod for More Bass Control and More Inner Detail

    Gentlemen,   Wow...have not been on here for a long, long time, probably five or six years. Quick "credits": I used to own a ***load of cans, starting with Grado SR-80s, Audio-Technica Hokkaido "woodies" (forget the model number), through Sennheiser HD-600's, Etymotic ER-4P's, Grado RS-1's...
  2. Matt

    WTB: HD600 or HD650

    Would like to know used prices on these, am willing to accept cosmetic flaws, just looking for a good deal. Thank you, Matt (an old-timer here...have been away getting an education, getting married, etc...)
  3. Matt

    Mix-in for work headset

    Hello, all. I KNOW (!) this is only somewhat head-fi oriented, but think of this as helping a fellow listen to good jazz at work where he otherwise could not... I have a plantronics headset and a problem! I need someone with some EE or general tinkering background to help me out, if...
  4. Matt

    Sonic Impact from Sonic Impact

    For some reason, a few Sonic Impact T-amps showed up on the site last week at $39, and knowing the current short supply, I bit. Ended up being $45 shipped (vs. say $30 shipped from a $20 discounter). The nice thing is that for the extra $15, I got those cardboard SoundPax speakers and a...
  5. Matt

    Decent DIY input switch design?

    Hello, all. I am interested in building an input switcher. I need at least four stereo inputs and would prefer a high-value but not high-cost solution for this. Small is best, so long as it doesn't interfere w/sound quality. I will be switching between turntable, CDP, digital piano and...
  6. Matt

    FS: Bogdan Princess *New Style* Interconnects w/Eichmann Bullet Plug termination

    For sale: One pair of Bogdan Princess silver interconnects featuring Eichmann bullet plug terminations. These interconnects are the "new" style as of a month or two ago, with the larger teflon tubing for even less contact between wire and dielectric. They sound fantastic and are a true...
  7. Matt

    Tubes, KGSS, Omega II's: suitable DIY Cable?

    Hello, all. I have a KGSS with Omega II's and a Bottlehead tube phono preamp. The preamp is relatively rich, tubey-but-extended-on-both-ends, etc. and the tubes are warmer and fatter sounding, with nice, sweet treble. It is not as speedy with leading-edges as I'd like (hasn't fully burned in...
  8. Matt

    FS: Creek OBH-8 Phono Preamp + Upgraded PS

    Hello, all. Creek OBH-8 Phono Preamp w/upgraded PS (Elpac WM-080). PS makes a huge difference, a difference you'll get to hear because you will also get the stock PS. This preamp is easily one of the biggest value leaders out there (price/performance ratio). Thread regarding this unit...
  9. Matt

    Online Business

    Hello, all. I am going to make a sucessful business online. I have some ideas of my own, but I'd like from you some ideas (unfulfilled needs out there, etc.) Regards, Matt
  10. Matt

    Aw cripes...earbud woes (help me shop, please)

    EDIT: I am getting no responses to my original post, so let me reprase it: I want clear, airy sounding portable cans, but do not want that drastic Ety seal, rubber or foam. It does not matter if they are in-ear or on it, I just want something that folds up compactly or is an earbud, etc...
  11. Matt

    FS: Etymotic ER-4S

    EDIT: Both are SOLD! Hello. Etymotic ER-4S: lightly used and come with everything except one set of used rubber tips and the shirt clip...which I cannot seem to be able to find (if I find it, I'll ship it to you). The blue colored (left side) plug-in piece has a small scratched area...
  12. Matt

    Ety cable woes

    Hello, all. Xin Feng apparently no longer makes his Fixup Ety replacement cables. With this in mind, here is my plight: I blindly believe everything Dr. Feng says, because he has consistently steered me in the sonic road I've wanted to travel as far as audio purchases go. With this in mind...
  13. Matt

    SRF-M37V review vs. Fixup modded SRF-M35 (brief, sad)

    Synopsis: I may have just made the single biggest mistake of my audio life. Review: The other day, while perusing's site for interesting tidbits of info as I sometimes do, I came across the fact that Sony released a sucessor to the SRF-M35 radio. This one was interesting, as it...
  14. Matt

    Record Doctor II - Problem?

    Hello, all. I have been using my AudioAdvisor RDII for eight months now to clean over 500 records, and I have yet to open that plug and get anything out of it. Lord knows I've tried: I've opened it over the sink and shaken it, I've tilted it all around, etc. and nothing happens. Can...
  15. Matt

    KGSS Pics - five of 'em

    What follows are pics of the KGSS being built for me, for use with SR-404 earspeakers: I thought you all might be interested. It seems the dude at is almost done with it, so I am excited to get, hear and post some sort of review on it. I spent a solid...
  16. Matt

    Creek OBH-8 Power Supply (OBH-2) replacement?

    Hello, all. Is RatShack part no. 273-1690 good enough to act as a replacement for the OBH-2 ps upgrade for the OBH-8? I notice the mA rating is higher (good, I presume) and the output voltage is the same. The only difference, I guess, is that the RatShack is not "regulated," whatever that...
  17. Matt

    Toshiba DVD upsamples redbook to 48kHz?

    Hi. I just saw this post in an email digest I get: "A couple of weeks ago I asked if it was typical of DVD players to not pass track IDs to the digital output when playing CDs. The Daewoo combo DVD/VHS player I bought did not, and the comments I received from others indicated this was...
  18. Matt

    Ah Cripes: Stax amp, vinyl and HUM

    Just for the sake of posterity and future reference, I wanted to post this information, followed by a question: I have a turntable, preamp, Stax SRM-313 amp and Stax Classic II cans which were humming. On 5 on the amp, the hum was pretty clearly audible. Long story short: I switched the...
  19. Matt

    DIY Tube or SS Phono Preamp

    Hi, all. I am looking to possibly make some sort of phono preamp (tube or SS, doesn't matter) that will best my Creek OBH-8. Where should I look for circuit designs? I'm a bit of a newbie, but I am confident that I can lay out and execute at least some sort of simple something. I would...
  20. Matt

    Mini-meet Shootout: AKG K1000 vs. Stax, SACD vs. Vinyl

    Mini-meet Shootout: AKG K1000 vs. Stax, SACD vs. Vinyl, ASL AQ-1005 DT vs. Wave 8 Primary equipment used: AKG K1000/ASL AQ-1005 DT/ASL Wave 8/Marantz SA8260 SACD player Stax Classic System II/Music Hall MMF-5 Turntable/Creek OBH-8 (This thread is multiple forum-spanning, I just chose...
  21. Matt

    Stax Creak Tweak?

    Hi, all. The current line Stax Basics, Classics and Signatures have that awful creak that is generated by the friction between the pegs of the headband which hold the tranducer houses/grilles and the inside edge of the holes in those housings. I think it would be neat to be able (somehow)...
  22. Matt

    Passive Parts Brands: Why?

    Hi. I have received recommendations from people on head-fi for certain parts (resistors, caps) by certain makers from certain electronic supply sites when asking about parts for a given project. My natural tendency when buying stuff would be to just stick with one supplier for one order...
  23. Matt

    HELP PLEASE: polarity of adaptaplug tips

    Hi. I am building the DIY battery pack explained here: I have the "M" RatShack Adaptaplug with the 9V Battery Snap connectors. I need to know which post on the adaptaplug is positive, and which is negative. Furthermore, I assume I...
  24. Matt

    Phono/Preamp/Amp Hum Grounding?

    Hi. I have a hum in my turntable system that, however slight, is more noticeable than I'd like and I'd like to be rid of it. Here's the thing: I have a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable, a Creek OBH-8 preamp and a Stax amp. Whenever I touch either the screw to the right of the tonearm (when...
  25. Matt

    DIY noob needs major help

    Hi. I am going to build this as a first project: (The modified Linkwitz crossfeed filter) and I am having a seriously hard time finding the damned parts. I get endless lists at Mouser or digikey and couldn't punch my way out of a...