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  1. squallkiercosa

    [FS] UE TF10 Reshelled [CLOSED]

    One of the highly praised headphones around here. Selling my TF10 reshelled by an unknown company (awful work I have to say) the drivers are ok so nothing to worry about. If you want to try custom but you don't want to pay the full price, I offer selling mine. I include the cable (which is...
  2. squallkiercosa

    Magnum V4 in Cocobolo cups by Ohrenholz

    Some time ago, I got a beauty from another head-fier: Magnum v4 grados in Cocobolo wood cups by ohrenholz. They sound marvelous. Now I understand why magnum drivers get so much praise in head-fi.    The thing is, I'm not using them. I have too many headphones and none of them get enough...
  3. squallkiercosa

    [FS] Schiit Magni and Modi combo [SOLD]

    I'm looking for Canadians buyers first of all, we don't get as many good deals as the people in the US. If I don't find anyone I gladly ship them anywhere.    Selling my Schiit magni and Modi Combo. Monoprice RCA cables included as well as shipping.   USB version. There's no interference...
  4. squallkiercosa

    [sold] Audeze LCD-2.2 FAZORS Bamboo

    Selling my faithful companion LCD-2.    Shipped within Canada and the US. If I don't find anyone I gladly ship them anywhere.    I sent them on October 2014 to Audeze to fix a subtle channel imbalance: they changed both drivers and added the Fazors. Honestly I don't want to sell them but I used...
  5. squallkiercosa

    [FS] Westone 4R [worldwide shipping included] Pending

    Getting rid of my gear.  Pristine condition. Still under warranty. Used exclusively indoors due to my paranoid personality. (no pets and non-smoker)    Box included and accessories . The only thing I would like to keep is 1pair of tips from 10 (westone tips are by far the most comfortable tips...
  6. squallkiercosa

    Headphone stand [Sold]

    This is a headphone stand I made recently, nothing fancy but it does look nice IMO.  Made mostly in plastic with a steel frame and it's heavy enough for any headphones, there's a cable management ring in the back.  The irony is that I'm moving soon so I don't need such thing right now. You're...
  7. squallkiercosa

    [FS] Waterproof Dry box for IEMs or cellphones [worldwide shipping included]

    Selling the dryboxes I bought for my IEMs not long ago.  The reason why I prefer this ones over pelican and otterbox counterparts, is the internal foam cut specifically for the case. Imagine an ordinary transparent Otterbox with your CIEMs inside, while they might look good, they will be...
  8. squallkiercosa

    Grado collapsible headband [worldwide shipping included] SOLD

    You've always wanted to fold your Grado headphones?  This a clone/urbanears headband I got from another headfier some time ago. I made a leather headband and the results were pretty nice (not turbulent labs nice but a decent leather work IMO) Shipping is included everywhere, well you actually...
  9. squallkiercosa

    Ipod Classic abomination project (with 2.5" hdd sata)

    Here's the deal, I have an ipod classic 160gb, well... the hdd is not working well and sooner or later it will see the end after almost 5 years. A new hdd cost around 70$ and don't feel like spending money these days, I have an old 2.5" 320gb and I was wondering if anybody ever thought or heard...
  10. squallkiercosa

    Does anyone adjust channel balance wearing headphones?

    I admit: I do hear with my left ear "better" than the right. If you ask me it's about 2-3db for high frequencies, with some equipment the difference becomes relevant, some days more than others, and I was wondering if any of you adjust the balance between channels as well. Thanks
  11. squallkiercosa

    Mac users: What audio player do you guys use?

  12. squallkiercosa

    25$ Itunes card

    I'm selling an itunes gift card or trading it. Actually the thing I want is the 1964ear box with my name. If somebody wanted a itunes card, you can help me buying it and I send it to you. I will appreciate a lot! It end up costing like 22$ but thanks anyway...
  13. squallkiercosa

    Sony MDR-10R Impressions Thread

    Thanks to a_recording, we got some pics of the new Sony over the ear headphones: the MDR-10R      
  14. squallkiercosa

    [WTB] Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM (broken or functional)

      Looking for a Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM (broken or functional) 
  15. squallkiercosa

    [WTB] UE 900 blue cable

    I'm looking for a UE 900 blue cable. I like the color :-) If anybody is willing to sell me one I'll be really glad. Have a nice day!
  16. squallkiercosa

    Grado Channel imbalance

    I had an accident (I won't mention the details, but involved a pair of scissors) and one of my grado cables was cut. I fixed obviously but for some reason the broken side currently sound LOUDER than the untouched one. I'm kind of confused. Any experience with anything like this?
  17. squallkiercosa

    The Complete Guide to taking proper care of headphones

    Taking proper care of headphones   OK, you've spent a fair amount of money on headphones so you probably want to protect your investment the best possible way. For future references I decided to compile every reasonable suggestion from head-fiers posted on the website. For you by you guys...
  18. squallkiercosa

    Checking serials in Hi-end headphones

    I was wondering, why do you guys ask for serials when buying headphones? I assumed for safety concerns but wanted to be sure... After the whole TTVJ story I understand the matter.
  19. squallkiercosa

    [WTB] LCD-2 in Boston or NY

    I'm looking for someone willing to sell their LCD-2 around Boston area or NY (planning to pay in cash)  Negotiable. Thanks  
  20. squallkiercosa

    Cheapest amp capable of handling LCD2 without frying

    I've looking for a budget amp for the audeze LCD2, considering how power hungry the LCD2 is, options are limited. I was considering the Schiit magni, but do you guys have any other suggestions? 
  21. squallkiercosa

    Why does a LCD2 needs an amp?

    This might sound like a silly question but I have the question in my head: An Audeze LCD2 is 60 ohm and 91db/mw efficiency but a Ultrasone 550 with similar values doesn't need an amp.   what exactly am I leaving out the equation by mistake?   Thanks
  22. squallkiercosa

    Do you use Ferrites cores/bead on DACs?

    Could you please enlighten me? I was wondering how could affect ferrite cores DAC signals. Are they worth to use on cables?    To put in perspective, I installed some to a fiio e10, and it sounds somewhat different. High frequencies are softer, but I presume its just my brain playing a...
  23. squallkiercosa

    Jude's avatars

    I was wondering who started all Jude's avatar thing. I saw already like 30 from different movies. I was planning to post them all but I don't want to be banned
  24. squallkiercosa

    Crossfade Exoskeleton Hard Case

    I found cheking the v-moda website the case for the LP crossfade. (I by no means interested in those headphones) however the case seems to be pretty nice. I was wondering if a pair of grados could fit. What do you guy think. The price is also interesting
  25. squallkiercosa

    Which IEMs suffer from driver flex?

    To be polite, I dislike driver flex in IEMs. I found it annoying and distracting and I can't stand readjusting them.   I was wondering if we could make a list of IEMs: for those who feel the same as I do, suffering from driver flex.   Current list:   ATH-CLK200 Brainwavz M4...