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    Fluance sx6 to ? Need more bass? Fluance xl7f or Klipsch R-28F?

    Well im looking to get something with a bit more bass.   Since im using now my sx6 with my tv and i got no subwoofer it kinda boring.       I was wondering if the fluance xl7f would be an upgrade? It got  downfiring 8" midwoofer.    650$ cad       Or the    Klipsch R-28F      ...
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    Headphone for gaming? Bass Clean High ?

    Hello :)   Well after getting a cheap gaming headphone Steelserie 3h v2  about 1 years ago... I was getting tortured by that thing that seem no have no low end... And the mid sound like crap.  And it ways too small       So im looking to ugprade...   Just tweaked the crap out of the...
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    Nexus 5 + fiio q1. + usb otg + usb key ?

    Hi everyone :) Being looking to have better sound quality and louder output for my nexus 5. Im currently using a single otg cable to my 32gb usb key to listen to movie and music. And i would like to know if i could use a triple otg cable with the soundcard without issue? + bluetooth...
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    meeelectronic m-duo on a nexus 5 amp? e11k vs e6

    Hello :) I asked a question close to this about a month ago. And got the e6 in my futur purchase list. But just after looking at it on that e11k appeared in the page and it like 50$ more for an aluminium amp with probably lot better part? Any idea if it worth it? Thank you...
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    Looking for something iem headphone ( Ath m50x---HA-FXT90--AKG K 240 )

    Hi everyone i been aways for a long time ahah.   I always had great advice here so i have some question :)     So im looking something to fit with my  future Nexus 5 from lg Currently on a samsung Nexus.       I do think a iem will be a better choice for portability and all.     So...
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    Headphone Multipurpose under 200$

    Hello!     Any idea what kind of headphone i can get for under 200$ that will be best suited for music listening of all kind metal classical etc..   From my cellphone and my xonar dg amp...         I may get an portable amp but i dont know what to get if you can help me max budget is 60$...
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    Corsair sp2500 Beast of it own Vs My Fluance SX6 no audiophile review

    Just compared my new Fluance SX6  know to sound better than the pioneer  depending on what you listen still.. SP-BS22-LR's.   On a sony 5.1 amp not the best but still...  With optical     I can say that corsair made an awesome job with that set for 220$ the next one that say PC SPEAKER ARE...
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    pc 3.5mm to rca 5.1 amplifier to speaker low sound???

    pc 3.5mm to rca  5.1 amplifier to speaker low sound???     Any explanation   I have a xonar dg      i wanted to get a topping tp20  but if the volume is as low as it his here i need to put the amp to 25+ if i want to hear something and it 30-40w channel     The topping is 13  with 10%...
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    xonar dg Ohm output?

    Just trying to understand what do the ohm rating on the xonar dg i know more i put the ohm rating high more it loud..   It that normal?    I mean if i use 32ohm ear bud or headphone and use   64 up   option it louder?     Can i damage them?     Thank you
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    Ath m50 vs pc 360

    Hello im just wondering what is the best between both for sound quality    Im not hard on headphone comfort im the dumbass that wear 2$ headphone lol   my ear hurt i dont care lol         For music and gaming but in first music       Will be drived from my Asus M5A99FX Pro  pretty good...
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    sp2500 or??

    Hello all i have 270$ of budget with tax here in quebec canada   I was looking at the Corsair sp2500 the only good looking 2.1 set..  264$   Now im looking at 2.0 set    Av40  no sorry im going to fry them   Swan D1080 IV   not in stock anywhere.......    200$     Audioengine a2...
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    Z623 vs av40 vs Cerwin-Vega XD3

    Any thought?   Im lost Part express cost to much for shipping so im going powered from .ca       The av 40 and z623 are at a shop near me so..     Z623 80$ refurb   brand new is 160$     av40 is 140$ i think     Cerwin around 150$ with shipping and tax     Promedia...
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    Dayton B652 Review and advice

    Just asking what you think about them ( They dont have any problem now and probably sound better than the old first good version...) Im going to use them at my computer for music gaming and movie 
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    Behringer 1C-BK

    Any though on them the Behringer 1C-BK   Vs M-Audio av 40.     For music and gaming?
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    LP-2020A+ Lepai with?

    Hello all after searching on the side of pc speaker with a build in amp etc..   Im back i heard a lot of good thing about the lepai so im back..    :)   All m-audio av40 promedia z623  have report of burning amp overheating etc..     So do you have any idea of speaker with tweeter and...
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    Av-40 vs z623-vs promedia

    After reading for the last 2 month im still stuck..     Promedia from klispch is now owned be audiovox and i heard they put a cheaper amp and sub driver considering it a 6.5 inch.. 180$   Z623 Amp overpower the sub... 2 years warantly   Idk if the speaker are good for music?  80$ refurbish...
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    Cyber acoustic 3602

    Yea i have a set of cheap speaker from cyber acoustic i dont stop running them and they dont die take them to camping i put them on my atv one time for fun was fun as hell ahahah   But now im like they sound awesome for there prize but they dont have good low frequency and the sub cant handle...
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    Sound to loud??

    Ok i know that i listen too loud lol..     But anyways my last headphone is dead..    And im a gamer.. so music + gaming = loud...   Currently i cant use headphone one of my eardrum as a tube in it to drain the water i got in... Yea my head is full of water       Im probably...