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  1. Dobrescu George

    What the **** is Blue Star Ring Headband - Headphone, More Or Less?

    I'm making an official thread to discuss the Blue Star Ring Headband - There's no thread yet, and I actually never heard how bone conduction systems sound like. Curious about them for sure. Long story short, I was contacted and asked if I want to review this - said yes, because I never heard a...
  2. Dobrescu George

    AudioAnalogue AAdac Discussion Thread

    There wasn't a thread about the AAdac or any other AudioAnalogue products before, so I decided to make one This is the info available from their website: AAdac The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the...
  3. Dobrescu George

    Spirit Torino SuperLeggera Open-Back Dynamic Headphones

    There was no thread about the SuperLeggera yet, so I decided to make one and talk with everyone about those awesome headphones! :) SUPERLEGGERA The SUPERLEGGERA draws on the design experience of Spirit Torino to bring all of the qualities of...
  4. Dobrescu George

    EarMen TR-Amp - Donald DAC - USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered, ES9038Q2M, 400mW, 3700mA Battery, MQA rendering, SNR +128dB SNR A-Weighted (Discussion Thread Earmen)

    Hello everyone. I'm bad at making threads. But could not find any for TR-AMP. PLS erase this if it already existed. I am just copying the information about TR-AMP in this first post USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered All audio formats PCM 32bit/384kHz, MQA and native...
  5. Dobrescu George

    OVC Vacuum Tube Headphones - Impressions Thread

    Okay, so this is the thread for OVC - Vacuum Tube Headphones! They are actually real!! Let's talk about them! Site: Price: 300 USD Specification • Frequency response :10 Hz -45 kHz • Headphone driver impedance : 300Ω • S/N >90 dB • THD < 1% • One push...
  6. Dobrescu George

    LX-Ear Flex One CIEMs|| The World' First Flexible Discrete CIEM || 3D Printed || Handmade in Romania

    *Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with LX-Ear, and I am have not received any money to make a thread. I just found out the company exists and wanted to make it better knwon, as they have awesome prices and the products seem really cool. I met with their Director at a Romanian Audiophile Meeting...
  7. Dobrescu George

    George (Audiophile Heaven) Review Index!

    Hey there! My name is George and I am a man passionate about music and audio! I am the main writer and editor of Audiophile Heaven! I thought I should make a thread where I post news about my review work, work in progress, and where I post a little index of my previous works! Tidal...
  8. Dobrescu George

    Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

    We should have an official thread for DK-3001! It is an amazing IEM and totally deserves its own thread along with more recognition! Images and information from Dunu's site: Specifications Drivers: Dynamic(13mm)*1 + Balanced Armature*3 Frequency range: 5 Hz-40 KHz Impedance: 13Ω...
  9. Dobrescu George

    Recommend me some music!

    Hello!   So.. I need music.    Youtube links, band names, albums names, songs names... Just recommend.    There is one headline, the song needs to make you feel truly good. No sadness or negative message. For example good songs are Ylvis-Fox, Arctic monkeys, Fratellis, no genera...
  10. Dobrescu George

    [I need advice] Closed back headphone with a V shaped sound, and energic treble?

    Hello !   I have been searching for a headphone that is over the ear, closed back, has strong bass, very clear and strong treble.    To be more exact, I am looking for Sennheiser Ie800 in a closed back headphone sound.   I do not really care that much about soundstage, as long as the...
  11. Dobrescu George

    WTS Romania Fiio E12A

    I want to sell a perfect condition E12A to Romania.    It is used for 3 months, has warranty for another year and a half, immaculate condition.    Warranty is offered by the official Fiio dealer in Romania, AVstore.    Price is 165$ without shipping, or 650 RON. 
  12. Dobrescu George

    What is the best launcher for android based DAPs?

    Hello!   I wanted to ask, for those using their smartphones as DAPs, or for those who have Android based DAPs, what is the best launcher to install from playstore?   I have been testing a few, and so far, I do not have a good conclusion, so I wanted to ask this to the people who have more...
  13. Dobrescu George

    WTB Fiio Hs6 Stacking Kit.

    I am trying to buy a new fiio hs6 stacking kit, for fiio x5 and e12, and it is out of stock in Romania, i need it in Romania, not sent by package, but delivered in Romania if anybody has a road through this country, and can buy a new stacking kit for me.    Basically, if i order it online, i...
  14. Dobrescu George

    What the FUX is the difference between 440 and 432 hz, and why does such a conecpt exists?

    I think that there are enough kind and smart people around here that would point me to understanding from where and why such concept exists, whilst music is clearly made of all frequencies, and no one can ever separate a particular frequency, and this freq would be, i dunno, maybe between E and...
  15. Dobrescu George

    How does the volume in foobar and windows work if i have an external DAC?

    I have an external DAC, and i was wondering how exactly does the volume work when i set it in foobar or windows, if i use my fiio x5 as a DAC. x5 has an analog volume control on itself, which i use, but sometimes it is faster, and easier to set the volume straight from foobar, and i was...
  16. Dobrescu George

    Bands similar to Grey Daze

    Grey daze is the band in which Chester from Linkin Park was in before linkin park. The band is something post grunge, with a most unique sound. i have been searching for similar bands for a very long time, and without any success. the closest bands i know are say la dispute, fugazi, lungfish...
  17. Dobrescu George

    I need some help recognizing some headphones from a video!

    Hello, everyone!   I would want to know if anybody knows what headphones are used by la dispute members in the following video:     thanks for all the help!
  18. Dobrescu George

    I need Ultrasone edition advice!

    Hello!   I am interested into buying a pair of edition 5 unlimited, or edition 8 whatever one.   my actual headphones are ultrasone dj one pro, and i listened to ultrasone signature dj.   overall i loved signature dj, it was just so amazing in all aspects, the layers of music, the...
  19. Dobrescu George

    Balanced cable : what is it and why would i want it?

    I read what i could fiind on internet about it, but never got to read an entire explanation to why would i want it and what it is more exactly in practique?   I mean, i want to get chord hugo, akg k3003, ie800, ultrasone dj signature, edition 8, edition 5 unlimited, things of which none has...
  20. Dobrescu George

    Ears and how to clean them properly.

    I am wondering, how should i clean my ears properly. i am using boric alchool on cotton buds, because it kind of melts away the wax, but after some reading, the boric alchool might be a little toxic for me, so i thought using perioxide would be a better ideea.    i really would not like...
  21. Dobrescu George

    Is it safe to use headphones outside when very cold or very cold?

    that is pretty much the question.    Is it safe to use your headphones when outside the water freezes, or it is over 35C?   i have a hood i am used to wear over them to protect them, but i wonder if i am damaging my headphones by taking them outside.   Also, the same question about IEMs?
  22. Dobrescu George

    anyone into post classical music?

    pretty hard to fiind good post classical music    balmorhea clogs ethel nils frahm woodworkings   these are all i could fiind to be nice post classical bands...
  23. Dobrescu George

    Portable amp that will power sennheiser hd800 at full potential. At least something that is small enough to carry.

    I need a portable amp that will be enough to power hd800. I have the money to buy hdvd800, but i need to be able to take it with me when i am traveling. I am not listening at hd800 in noise, or anything, but i am traveling a lot, and i am taking my things with me, mostly in a Backpack like asus...
  24. Dobrescu George

    I am searching for a pair of headphones or IEMs.

    I am searching for a good pair of headphones/ Headphone w amp combo.   I am willing to pay 50% of original new price including shipping to Europe Romania. I am unusually interested in Ultrasone, sennheiser hd800, and mostly high end things. i love a little more high end, but it has to be not...
  25. Dobrescu George

    Can i power hd800 at full potential from Matrix M-Stage HPA-2?

    I edited my last thread to not create a new one, so please do not blame me... I am asking if i can power the hd800 for their full potential from matrix m-sta hpa-2?..   Original thread was asking if i can use Hd800 with fiio e12..   I will add al the other AMPs i could be getting.   Burson...