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  1. audioNinja

    CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

    It's the Eros ii cable. Definitely made a difference on the fibae 3.
  2. audioNinja

    CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

    Received my fibae 3 a few days ago. Amazing design work from the Custom art team! Definitely worth the wait. Just something slightly weird I noticed was for some reason the sound doesn't feel centred. Maybe it's the way i inserted the ciem or one of the impressions is slightly deeper than the...
  3. audioNinja

    Best Looking Custom IEMs - Share your Designs

    Wow what's even more impressive are their list of users if the names are to be believed. It includes a lot of big names in the music and film industry in China.
  4. audioNinja

    CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

    So looking forward to what Piotr and his team has in mind for the future! If I didn't just recently buy a fibae 3, I would for sure have joined the Fibae massdrop....
  5. audioNinja

    Effect Audio cables thread

    Ah OK so it does take more than a week then. I bought the last clearance Eros ii cable but it was in 4.4mm. Thanks for the info
  6. audioNinja

    Effect Audio cables thread

    Does anyone know how long it takes to re-terminate an effect audio eros ii cable? From 4.4 to 3.5? It's been over a week since i put in the re-terminating order at music sanctuary and haven't heard anything back yet. Maybe I'm just getting anxious for nothing...
  7. audioNinja

    Effect Audio cables thread

    So i ordered the last 4.4mm terminated Eros II cable from Music Sanctuary and sent them an email asking them to help me re-terminate it to a 3.5mm. On hindsight, I should have probably added a re-terminate fee along with the order. Here to hoping they reply to my email before they send out the...
  8. audioNinja

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Hey guys, officially joined the HD800 club. haha. Blown away by it the first time i listened to it. Since Im broke from buying this pair, i opted for a cheaper dac/amp option. Expecting the Schiit Magni 2 Uber/Modi 2 Uber soon.  Cant wait to put them on. If anyone has any idea how the Schiit...
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