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  1. mr_slacker

    Sam and Max return... Quote: Q: Will Telltale’s game be based on the cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game? A: Cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game? What cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game?
  2. mr_slacker

    Amplifier hiss

    This concerns my stereo amplifier but I thought I could use the immense knowledge of the Head-Fi community non the less. Today I noticed a hiss coming from my left speaker. It's barely audible at low/mid volume levels but increasing the volume to mid/high levels makes the hiss extremly...
  3. mr_slacker

    Best XO (cognac)?

    Hello! No I dont have the money to aford a Remy Martin Loius XIII! (Okay perhaps I do but I wont spend that kind of cash on a bottle of booze). I'm really a "single malt" type of guy but I've tried several cognacs, including "Grönstedst Extra" (excellent Swedish blend) and "Martell Cordon...
  4. mr_slacker

    My first computer...

    ...and yeah I'm 26 y/o. "No not another computer thread." Oh yeah! Lets beat this dead horse... What do you guys think about this: CPU: AMD 2400+ Motherboard: QDI KuDoZ 7X-6A VIA KT400 Memory: 512MB DDR333 Graphics: LeadTek GeForce4 Ti4800SE Sound: M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Are...
  5. mr_slacker

    Clou review...

    Wes Phillips has reviewed the Clou Red headphone cable: Quote: I simply preferred those of truly good dynamic designs. Specifically, the Sennheiser HD 560 and its progeny, the limited-edition HD 700 and more fully developed HD 600...
  6. mr_slacker

    4p -> 4b adaptor?

    Would it be possible to make a 4p -> 4b adaptor for the Etymotic 4P canalphone? I know the pod on the 4b contains capacitors. Are these caps used in a paralell or seriell configuration with the resistors? If the latter is true wouldn't it be possible to make the adaptor mentioned above...
  7. mr_slacker

    signature question

    I can't change my signature. That is I can change it in the CP but it doesn't show up in any posts. (I've been able to change it before). Custom status? Where do one alter it? I can't find any field in the CP. Jude? Anyone?
  8. mr_slacker

    Corda question

    just a little question about the Corda HA-1. what's the width of the amp? (my hifi rack is a bit cramped so I wonder if it will be possible to put the amp beside my cdp)
  9. mr_slacker

    Ref Ety?

    (dunno if this is the right forum) anyway. will there be a reference etymotic canalphone? there have been hints of such a thing in previous posts. don? anyone?
  10. mr_slacker

    Blue Afternoon - Tim Buckley ?????

    Anyone own this album? Been looking high and low for this one. Anyone own it? Is it good? (It must be)
  11. mr_slacker

    grado pads with DT990

    would this work? know some people going the other way around (beyer pads on grados). would be intresting to decrease the distance from headphone to ear to increase impact. suggestions?
  12. mr_slacker

    new posts...

    if I "make all forums read" while I'm logged on some posts are still marked as "new" when I log out. are there two sets of cookies, one for when you're online and one when you're offline?
  13. mr_slacker

    earmax pro question...

    only a short question. is there a line out or pre out on this thing? read on headwize that someone used it as a preamp. (btw headwize is down at the moment)
  14. mr_slacker

    just bought Beyer DT990...

    Got 'em from dr Meier earlier this week. Guess my Senn 545 will collect dust from now on. Any intrest in a 545 vs 990 review? Guess I have to listen some more before I can post that, not to mention it's midtermexams the next two weeks. Tomcat (or any other Beyeruser): Is there a miniplug...
  15. mr_slacker

    headphone reviews

    hifichoice has a pretty large amount of old reviews in their archivesection (not just headphones).