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  1. BoyElroy

    Lord of the Rings - Did the Elf and the Dwarf Ditch the Babe?

    Here's a question for the "Rings" fans out there: Everyone who's read the books or seen the movie knows that Arwen resigns herself to a doomed mortal life on Middle Earth after the last of the Elven ships sails without her from the Grey Havens. She dies broken hearted after Aragorn dies and...
  2. BoyElroy

    Why Are There So few Headamps Based on 300B Tubes?

    Pardon my ignorance if I'm way off on this, but I'm curious why there seem to be so few 300B SET tube amps designed for headphones. I'd imagine that a relatively low powered 7 or 10 watt 300B amp would be pretty ideal for driving 'phones. I know that Manley and Cary have a couple of models...
  3. BoyElroy

    Just got a Tube Amp for my Speakers -- *Wow*!

    I recently bought a used Audio Research Classic 60 amp (6550C tubes) on ebay and swapped out my McCormack DNA1 dlxe. Whew. What a difference. The McCormack is a great SS amp; quick and punchy with great bass, but the ARC tube amp has something special. The soundstage kind of envelops and then...
  4. BoyElroy

    Very Funny Anti-Soccer/Football Site

    Ooops. Never mind. The website in question is a bit nuttier than I thought. Pls. disregard this header! btw, before I get flamed by all you "footie" fans, just want to let you know that I rather enjoy watching the game
  5. BoyElroy

    So Just Why Do Brits Play All the Bad Guys in Hollywood Films?

    Very funny article in the Guardian bemoaning the inevitable use of Brits as villains and Americans as heroes in Hollywood. (Jesus is American, Judas is British) "Vile Brittania" My favorite Brit-bad guy? Christopher Lee!
  6. BoyElroy

    Feds finally catch Freddie Mercury, er, I mean Eric Rudolph

    On a lighter note, opened up CNN this morning and saw Freddie Mercury staring out from a police mug shot. Realized a moment later it was Eric Rudolph. Pretty weird. Wonder if he's a Queen fan or something. CNN Website
  7. BoyElroy

    Curious MSNBC Review of ASL & Sony DVP-NX755V

    Kind of odd seeing this reviewed on MSNBC of all places. Seems to be positive, though, and I guess any popular exposure for HiFi is good.
  8. BoyElroy

    Sijosae Fits Gilmore inside Altoid!

    Check it out at the Headwize site-- Sijosae's Gilmore in a can
  9. BoyElroy

    Just Blew My SACD Player Money on...

    a Sony 18.1" LCD monitor. Wow. Puts my 21" Viewsonic CRT to shame. It's hard to even look at a CRT now without getting a headache. For anyone interested, J&R has them (SONY SDM-X82) for $649.99 after a $100.00 Sony rebate. They've also got a 17" version of the Sony for about $450.00 after a...
  10. BoyElroy

    Check Out This Gilmore Amp from the Korean Headphoneamp Site

    This Gilmore is too cool! And this 12 V Battery Supply: For anyone not familiar with the site, here's the address for the homepage: And here's the address for the gallery:
  11. BoyElroy

    Balanced Bridge Gilmore Photos

    Happy Holidays, Everybody! Here are some photos of my work-in-progress BB Gilmore amp. As you can see, I'm using an external PSU that uses two discrete transformer/PSUs feeding 30Vdc each (unregulated) into the Gilmore PSU. I had originally bought the tranny units expecting to simply remove...
  12. BoyElroy

    Power Supply FREDs, HexFreds, Fast Recovery, Schottkys,Ultrasofts and Ultrafasts

    I can't say that I'm not a bit confused here. I had originally thought that I was going to use one type of rectifier diode, then I changed my mind, now I'm changing it again. I don't think I'm alone when I say that the large number of choices here presents a selection problem. Does anyone...
  13. BoyElroy

    *New* High End FRED Gilmore Power Supply Design

    Here's a variation of my "high end" Gilmore power supply that uses FREDs (Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes) in place of the Schottky/standard silicon rectifiers. FREDs are considered by some to sound superior to other rectifying devices and I made the board to fit the IXYS DSEI 8-06A TO-220...
  14. BoyElroy

    Balanced Bridge Gilmore Amp

    Well, I've had the balanced bridge Gilmore running as a head amp and preamp for almost a week now and wanted to share some notes with any Gilmore DIY'ers out there. First, there is a noticeable difference between the BB Gilmore and standard Gilmore. Used as a headamp, I'm measuring (as KG...
  15. BoyElroy

    New DIY PCB Designs for Gilmore Power Supply

    Hi All, Well, here are a few recently re-done power supply pcb designs for the Gilmore dynamic amp based on Kevin Gilmore's schematic. *Please note* Antness will be offering professionally made power supply pcb's for the Gilmore amp in the near future so if you are not sure of the...
  16. BoyElroy

    CHA 47 PCB Revision!!!

    5/21/02 *Important* The amp PCB at the below location is not the "CHA 47". I mistakenly used that term instead of the correct description, "Apheared 47". The design is built according to Apheared's "47" design and Cmoy's power supply. There is no connection to C.E. Hansen's professionally...
  17. BoyElroy

    Gilmore, Szekeres and CHA47 Amps -- A Brief Comparison for Fellow Newbies

    Hi All, I just wanted to share some construction notes and subjective sound comparisons with fellow newbies out there re: which amp (s) to build first and/or next. From the outset, I should say that I have never owned or listened at length to a commercial headphone amplifier. However, to give...
  18. BoyElroy

    Power Supply Designs--Why do they sound so different?

    I'm not sure if this belongs in a separate thread or not, but I've been trying out different psu's to use with my dc coupled szekeres and as Tomo says in the addendum to the original szekeres article, power supply designs do seem to make a big difference in sound quality. So, my question is...