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  1. vinland029

    [REVIEW] AKG K612 - the underpriced underdog

    I myself haven’t been extremely well-versed in writing reviews - but this is an attempt to provide the community with a review on a less well-known headphone, the AKG K612. I settled on this decision since I was looking to experiment more with the open-back sound (most of my cans have been...
  2. vinland029

    $999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

      Hi iohk,   Does it appear to survive the flight? Would be a shame if these battery issues persist firmware update after firmware update. I assume you're using FW version 0.6?
  3. vinland029

    $999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

    does anyone have any idea how long the battery lasts? There's been a lot of negative comments about the battery life on this rig.
  4. vinland029

    $999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

    Pre-orders are open here in Singapore but the price is rather steep. Not sure if any one is really considering to pre-order, but my first impressions of the prototype sound good.
  5. vinland029

    TDK IE800 Dual High-Performance Dynamic Micro-Drivers IEM

    I found the IE800 to be underwhelming after living with my BA200 for quite sometime. Guess it's the BA sound - just my 2 cents.
  6. vinland029

    AKG K550 vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    Suffice to say that the K550 is a generally neutral phone. I wouldn't say it excels stellarly at a particular genre or another, or any particular frequency range - none get any emphasis. Pretty good if you're gonna throw alot of genres of music it, but the preference boils down to whether you...
  7. vinland029

    AKG K550 or Shure SHR-840?

    I've heard the Shure 940s/840s and own the K550s. Personally I find the K550s to be versatile, but it probably doesn't do much justice to rock if you like an upfront forward presentation. The AKGs sound very relaxed - but that doesn't mean they can't do rock. Seals wise I find them quite easy to...
  8. vinland029

    WTS: TDK BA200

    Still available?
  9. vinland029

    Research about beats by dre

    Quote:   I've heard both, and I would say the K550s are whole lot more transparent and revealing. But if you're after bass, the M50 would give the impact. The K550 does better with less impact but it goes low - very low. Also the K550s are alot more neutral and laid back with a larger...
  10. vinland029

    Research about beats by dre

    Quote: Of course it's not just the looks, also look at how much Monster pays for the marketing. Do agree with regard to your point on the M50s too: they are of course also far superior in comfort. (look at them cushy earpads!)
  11. vinland029

    AKG K550 Review.

    Quote: Why would you wanna open up the cups for? Just curious. In anycase yes the comfort does get alot better after it's worn.
  12. vinland029

    Ultimate Ears 700 -UE700- Review (Comparison/Vs Jays q-Jays)

    I don't know, but apparently i might reshell them the next time these things break (and there's no more warranty)
  13. vinland029

    UE700 vs Shure SE425 (and changes from UE to Logitech's design)

    Hi guys, just got my UE700 back from servicing. And apparently they replaced the unit with a new one. Personally I noticed a few things: cabling is now flimsier, and it terminates in a right angled plug. Most importantly, the sound bore seems to be longer. Personally I'm not sure if acoustically...
  14. vinland029

    IEMs that make you fall in love - recommendations?

    I've only heard the westone 2: these are quite boring, but i think the Westone 3s should be way better.
  15. vinland029

    NEWS: Sony Asia Pacific announces 11 new balanced armature in-ear headphone models

    Has anyone heard them at the Tokyo Headphone Festival? Just wondering though, it seems that review units have been sent out.
  16. vinland029

    Ultimate Ears 700 -UE700- Review (Comparison/Vs Jays q-Jays)

    Still waiting for mine to come back from RMA. It is better than the 600 (superfi 5) in my opinion. Congrats on your purchase!
  17. vinland029

    portable headphone amp for ipod classic 160gb

    Subscribed. I'll be getting a classic in the future and I think i'll add a new amp to boot. Hope to see interesting suggestions! Thanks guys!
  18. vinland029

    First photo of E17

    Thanks FiiO! Might be getting one of these when it comes out into the market!
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  21. vinland029

    Ultimate Ears 700, thoughts?

    The cables might be an issue though: mine's stuck at service. They aren't as durable as Shures but I think extreme care would work.
  22. vinland029

    Audio Technica ATH-WS70 review

    Hi guys: I'm actually quite new here but I've been lurking around for sometime. What brought me to head-fi was my need for a portable hi-fi set up (come on who lugs around their component systems). However due to a limited budget i'm often short of equipment. I haven't seen this headphone on...
  23. vinland029

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO THOUGHTS

    What's the difference in sound with regard to the different impedences? 80, 250 and 320 am I right? Quote:  
  24. vinland029

    Shure SRH 940 impression and support thread

    I think there might be a grip with regard to the sources. Personally I don't really listen using a very very good portable source so I'll have to check these out some other time. Anyone tried using them direct off an iDevice?
  25. vinland029

    11 New Sony BA IEMs

    Quote: Why? Personally I think the triple BA sounds good. And the TF10 is as clear as day to me, ergonomics and seal notwithstanding...   edit: There doesn't seem to be crossovers in these IEMs. Any ideas?