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  1. jschristian44

    Fostex T20RP extra driver

    I foolishly drilled through the driver coil when putting these drivers into my thunderpants and ruined one of the drivers.  Thankfully the other one just missed it and only nipped part of the metal.  It is still perfectly good.  If you want the driver please send me $15.  Please ask questions!
  2. jschristian44

    SOLD Bang and Olufsen Earset 3 IEM Re-Cabled Barely Used SOLD

     This is for a used set of Bang and Olufsen Earset 3 IEMs.  They original were for a cellphone because it had a microphone.  But the cable got worn out so I re-cabled it with a 28 AWG silver teflon wire and a 3.5mm end plug.  They sound very nice for their price.  They were originally near $200...
  3. jschristian44

    SOLD VSonic GR-06 Like New SOLD

    Just got these off another Head-fi'er who only used them for a few hours.  I used them for a few hours also and I will clean the foam tips and the middle size tips I used very nicely.  These are fantastic all around earphones, very budget oriented and very very nice sounding.  Please ask any...
  4. jschristian44

    KEEPING Gamma y1 Full Config + y2 Wolfson WM8742 KEEPING

    I made this and my friend helped create the custom panels and clean it up a bit for me.  It's an excellent DAC and the y2 has a Wolfson WM8742 in it which supposedly is very nice.  Please ask any questions!
  5. jschristian44

    SOLD Brainwavz HM5 Barely Used SOLD

    I am wanting to change my setup a little.  I want the GR-07 and the Denon D2000.  I already have a person I am buying the D2000 from, but I need to fund the GR-07 by selling these.  The HM5 were just bought brand new from and have about 10 or so hours on them.  They come with 2...
  6. jschristian44

    Brainwavz HM5 : modding ideas?

    Hey Head-fi'ers, I am getting a set of the Brainwavz HM5 pretty soon here and I would like to know any beneficial mods that could maybe improve the bass a little bit.  I re-cabled a friend of mine's FA-003 a while back and I felt it helped clean up the mids/highs a little but the bass was...
  7. jschristian44

    Audio Technica ES-7 Like New

    I am selling these even though I really do not want to.  They sound amazing.  The best headphones I have tried yet but they are just too uncomfortable to my big head.  I tried doing comfort mods but it doesn't help me much.  I wish I didn't have to sell them.  I would trade for a set of the M-50...
  8. jschristian44

    Help with getting a good seal with Fostex's?

    Hey guys, I am having a hard time getting a good seal with my Fostex T20RP.  I have the Beyer Gels on them now which do fine.  When I squeeze them onto my ears, the bass is improved drastically.  What else can I do to improve the bass on these?  They are already in wooden cups.
  9. jschristian44

    Fix my Gamma y1 + y2 get a free Fiio e-10

    I recently built a Gamma y1 and y2 and I can not get the ac power or usb power to work.  I think it's a bad surface mount soldering job, or it could be something else.  I have tried all of my limited knowledge on getting it to work and I cannot figure it out.  If you know what you are doing, I...
  10. jschristian44

    SOLD Symphone's Magnum v.4 Drivers w/ Walnut Wood and Black Dragon Cable SOLD

    I am selling these off.  I got a good deal on a set of T20RP and I no longer need these now.  They are absolutely fantastic.  I was listening to some Tupac songs that I have heard probably 500 times and could finally hear what he was rapping about.  Other headphones kind of blurred out the...
  11. jschristian44

    WTB : Acoustic Foam

    Hi, I am looking for some acoustic foam.  I usually order it from Amazon but my account got terminated.  I could get 4 sheets there for $26 and on eBay, I can only get 2 sheets.  So if you have any SilverStone acoustic foam leftover or any similar acoustic foam please let me know what you have...
  12. jschristian44

    Gamma y1 and y2 Non-Functioning

    I have this Gamma y1 and y2 that I built from AMB Audio.  I have all the parts and the upgraded Wolfson WM8742 chip on the y2.  It has optical, usb, and coaxial input.  It has RCA and 3.5mm output.  I have the AC adapter to go along with it.  I tried various tests on it but just can't seem to...
  13. jschristian44

    Fostex T50RP Headband or Alternative

    I am making a project and I need a headband to put into my HE-400 cups which are the same size as the wooden T50RP cups.  I need it the same size as the T50RP headband.  If anyone has an extra I will give $30 for it, or one similar to it.  Thanks!
  14. jschristian44

    Interested in trying the Thunderpants, please help!

    Hey guys, So a lot of you probably know I have been making my Maplepants which are trying to go off of what Smeggy makes with his Thunderpants.  He said it was alright and he doesn't care.  Probably because he knows his name is in stone and his stuff is almost manufacturer made while mine is...
  15. jschristian44

    SOLD Objective 2 Silver Amplifier SOLD

    This was like my second O2 that I built.  I sold it to someone but he didn't like the "popping" sound it made when he turned it on and off.  It still works fine except for that "popping" sound.  It comes with the AC Adapter and Stock BOM parts and silver front panel from JDS Labs and a...
  16. jschristian44

    FOUND Cheap DAC under $100 FOUND

    I am looking for something to pair with my Objective 2 Amplifier to use with a desktop computer.  Let me know what you have!
  17. jschristian44

    Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable 5 Foot

    I want to buy a 5 foot length of the Moon Audio Black Dragon cable to re-cable my Magnum v.4 drivers.  If you have any other type of Moon Audio cable I might be interested as well.  But I really want the Black Dragon cable.  I can pay $45 for it shipped.
  18. jschristian44

    Fostex T50RP Maplepants v1

    I am selling this extra set because I do not need it.  These headphones sound amazing with all their bass and great mids.  It was re-cabled with a Mogami 2534 cable with a 5 foot length and 3.5mm end plug.  The cups are made from Maple wood and stained with an English Chestnut.  The baffles are...
  19. jschristian44

    Objective 2 vs Matrix M-Stage

    Has anyone reviewed both of these?  What are the comparisons/differences?  I tried searching but can only find reviews for each, I'd like a head to head setup?  Thanks!
  20. jschristian44

    SOLD Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Customized SOLD

    I am selling my set of AD-700's because I want to get a set of the K701's.  I got these from a fellow Head-fi member and fixed them up.  I replaced the cable as well as painted the color of the pink grill to a Bronze Metal finish.  They look great.  They sound even greater.  I am asking $85...
  21. jschristian44


    I have bought this kit from Glass Jar Audio and installed the pieces to the best of my knowledge.  Unfortunately it will not recognize in Windows or the LED won't turn on.  I am willing to let it go for cheap and I am sure if someone who has built one knows what is wrong with it.  I probably...
  22. jschristian44

    Audio Technica ATH-AD900 or ATH-AD1000

    I am interested in either of these headphones.  I had the AHD-700 for quite a while but want them to be better in certain areas that I think the next step up will do.  I have quite a few headphones in the price range that I could trade but I don't really have any money.  Please respond with what...
  23. jschristian44

    SOLD Broken Fostex T50RP Headphones SOLD

    I have a set of almost New Fostex T50RP.  I tried re-cabling them and the right side piece got ripped out from the driver.  I tried re-soldering but couldn't do it.  The left side works perfectly.  It has new earpads and headband, etc.  Just the right driver is pretty much unfixable but someone...
  24. jschristian44

    Brainwavz HM5 or Fischer Audio FA-003 Earpads

    I am looking to get a set of new or slightly used HM5 or FA-003 earpads.  I am fairly certain they are exactly alike.  I know the HM5 comes with a spare set of these so, if you'd like to get a little more money back from your purchase and don't need 2 sets let me know.  I can offer $20 shipped...
  25. jschristian44

    RETURNED Beyerdynamic DT-990 Premium 250 Ohm Barely Used RETURNED

    This is for a set of very nice Beyerdynamic Premium DT-990 250 Ohm Version.  I put one jumbo cotton ball inside each ear cup.  I tore it apart and spread it evenly.  This really helped the mids/highs come out more while still keeping the bass under control and great.  I just tested it, but I...