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  1. DigitalGrounder

    Review by 'DigitalGrounder' on item 'Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (Black)'

    Build Quality In this category I was very surprised, I've roughed these earphones up quite a bit; and I've even nearly stepped on them, but they still work. The cable is decently sized I wish that the cable was thicker like the previous version. But overall on build quality these are built...
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    Reply to review by 'digitalgrounder' on item 'FiiO X1 Ultraportable Hi-Res DAP'

    overall, which device would you take over the other. The fiio x5, or the fiio x1?
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    Reply to review by 'digitalgrounder' on item 'FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player'

    Great review I might need to get an x5 of my own
  4. DigitalGrounder

    Reply to review by 'digitalgrounder' on item 'FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player'

    Out of all digital audio players you've used which one in your opinion is your favorite overall?
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    Reply to review by 'digitalgrounder' on item 'Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 OHM Semi-open reference headphone'

  6. DigitalGrounder

    Reply to review by 'digitalgrounder' on item 'Sony X Headphones MDR-X10'

    I'm glad I could help. Also you're right, they should be classified as on ear headphones.
  7. DigitalGrounder

    Android phones and USB DACs

    gon' need external portable dac/amp wit' dat tho
  8. DigitalGrounder

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    7)beats tour 6)beats pro 5)Sony Mdr-x10 4)vmoda crossfade lp 3)Skullcandy mix master 2)Skullcandy Aviator 1)Audiotechnica Ath-m50rd
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    Need Help!

    I basically listen to all varieties of music
  10. DigitalGrounder

    I need much to learn...

    So if anybody can help, when i'm listening to a pair of headphones how can i listen and tell what sounds that you can hear at different frequencies. if its possible. I'm just starting in the audiophile life style, i enjoy listening to music, i can tell how vocals, bass, treble, sound. But i want...
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    Need Help!

    Thank you that's all I needed to know.
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    Need Help!

    Which would be a better choice the beyerdynamic dt 880 pro or the sony mdr 1r?
  13. DigitalGrounder

    Review by 'DigitalGrounder' on item 'V-MODA LP2'

    First off I want to clarify that I am not an "audiophile", nothing about me is audiophile related, except for the love of music listening and a hobby collecting headphones. So lets get right into the review. Ok the first topic i want to talk about these headphones is the design, this is my...
  14. DigitalGrounder

    Review by 'DigitalGrounder' on item 'Skullcandy x Mix Master Mike Mix Master Headphones'

    First i want to start off by saying that i would NOT refer myself as an audiophile, i just started getting into the "headphone game" and learning slowly about audio and headphones and how it works. I used to be a "bass-head" and thought thats all that mattered in a headphone, well recently i...
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