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  1. cleg

    Xduoo Amplifiers

    xDuoo TD-30 text review English: Russian:
  2. cleg

    xDuoo XP-2 Pro Bluetooth DAC/Amp first impressions

    My video about XP-2 Pro
  3. cleg

    Dope Audio earphones — unusual planar IEMs

    Dope Audio is a small IEM making startup from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They've decided to do an unusual thing: create a planar magnetic IEMs, utilizing the benefits of this technology to the maximum. And so appeared Pure, model with close to perfect step response, low distortion and close to...
  4. cleg

    IMR R2 Aten Thread

    Thank you for sharing. And there is no need for an excuse, we all are hobbyists here, there is no professional earphone listeners :) Ok, there are few, but they are rarely spending time on forums :)
  5. cleg

    HiBy R8 User Impressions

    That’s what I’d probably called a “must have” experience )))
  6. cleg

    HiBy R8 User Impressions

    It took some time for delivery, but my video about R8 is finally out :)
  7. cleg

    TRN impressions thread

    My video about BT20S Pro
  8. cleg

    iBasso DX220Max DAP, a transportable answer to high quality sound reproduction. New FW!

    Well, it's late, but still, here is my text review of DX220 Max English: Russian:
  9. cleg

    KB EAR Audio impressions thread

    My video about S1
  10. cleg

    Cayin N3Pro DAP: Dual AK4493 with Vacuum Tube

    Here is my video about N3 Pro
  11. cleg

    iBasso IT00 and AM05 Two very different IEMs with one purpose, to Enjoy the Music!

    I'm a bit late with it, but anyway, here is my video about IT00
  12. cleg

    Kinera Earbud Thread

    thank you for a suggestion, but unfortunately white tips just aren't fitting well for me
  13. cleg

    IMR Pro Audio : PB2, Opus Mia, Semper

    Oh, I came here to post it, but I was late :) Thank you!
  14. cleg

    Ambient Acoustics Laboratory — CIEM makers from Ukraine

    Entry-level models from MAD series review English: Russian:
  15. cleg

    Campfire Audio Ara

    I've got custom tips for my Andromeda Pacific Blue, as I had issues with fit. But I decided to make acrylic semi-custom tips
  16. cleg

    Shanling IEMs Discussion/Impressions - New ME700 Lite Announced

    My review of Shanling's ME700 is out. And I'm really glad that the company is brave enough to release a model with non-mainstream sound
  17. cleg

    Shanling M6 Player - Android OS, Snapdragon 430CPU 4GB RAM, 2.5 and 4.4 balanced, Dual AK4495SEQ, 4.7inch screen, FW V3.1

    My video about M6 Pro, it includes a comparison with M6, so I decided to post it here too